top ten most strongest pokemon

Top ten most strongest pokemon

Have you ever wondered which are the most powerful Pokemon?

In the Pokemon world, there are 18 different types to choose from. Of course, all of these have their advantages and disadvantages, but there's always one that reigns above the rest of the type. Many people ask, "what is the strongest Pokemon? However, if you're looking for a certain type of Pokemon, it can be a bit easier to narrow down. By stats, there is a clear winner or a tie amongst each type, and we've decided to rank them here, as well as giving a look at some honorable mentions. So, without further ado, here are the most powerful Pokemon of each type, by stats. Well, yeah, the literal god of Pokemon would probably be pretty good.

Top ten most strongest pokemon

The franchise has excelled at producing wildly successful games, sequels, movies, and merchandise. Zekrom's attack proved so powerful that it rendered Pikachu unable to use his abilities. Besides its few appearances, Zekrom is also mentioned several times across the series. Ho-Oh has a phoenix-bird-like structure with a distinctive tail that leaves a scorching trail. Lugia is a force to be reckoned with. Case in point, a single flap of its majestic wings can create violent storms. Even though the guardian of the sea is a good-natured beast, Lugia can unleash chaos against those who mean to harm the creatures of the sea with its devastating powers of controlling the sea. Apart from its water-based abilities, Lugia can also communicate with humans telepathically, establishing itself as an intelligent being like MewTwo. What Celebi lacks in strength, size, or offensive moves, it makes up for with its ability to travel to the past, present, and future. It has a serpentine body with razor-sharp teeth and claws. Since Rayquaza is one of the trio masters of the Weather Legendaries, it resides in the atmosphere and is tasked with protecting the earth from atmospheric threats.

While Pokemon Scarlet players will have to ride around Paldea on KoraidonViolet players are instead given access to Miraidon when they first begin their adventure.

It is strongest in its special attack and speed powers racking up and points respectively , which makes up for its fairly standard attack 85 and defence 95 points compared to some of the other creatures on this list. Instead, the increase is almost entirely down to its hit point total, which has doubled from to points. So, whilst it may not be much more powerful, it can take one hell of a pummeling before finally getting knocked down. But that all changes when given the Rusted Sword, which propels it to points and into the midst of the top ten. The biggest change to its stats comes via an increase to its physical attack powers, jumping from an already impressive to The bulk of its new points fall into the defence and special defence categories, increasing from to in both. However, this new power comes at a price; it may be a better defender, but its overall speed suffers a slight decrease when powering up, slipping from points to — not a bad total, but not as formidable as before.

Is this the players fault? They want to be the very best like no-one ever was, after all. From their malice, it draws power with which to curse its enemies. Machamp, fittingly, comes equipped with a stellar Attack stat. Can you argue with that? What a stud. In this barnstorming behemoth of a mobile game, battles work a little differently. Quiet down there, Entei. We know that your barks can set off volcanoes, but hush.

Top ten most strongest pokemon

Beyond this, some Pokemon have serious abilities that make them stand out — both in terms of a deity-like figure and, in some cases, a significant threat. But which Pokemon are top of the pyramid when it comes to power? Mew is an extremely rare Psychic-Type Legendary Pokemon that only a handful of Trainers have sighted. This is a significant power in the Pokemon franchise, allowing Mew to take on any threat. Mew even demonstrates these powers on certain occasions, such as when it successfully battled and defeated the likes of Mewtwo to save the world. Eternatus is the source of the Dynamax and Gigantamax phenomenon of the Galar Region and holds the unique ability to transform into a creature known as Eternamax Eternatus.

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This is especially true when Palkia is in its Origin Forme. Mega Sceptile takes the cake when comparing all the Grass-types, narrowly beating out Mega Venusaur Mega Diancie once took the top spot for strongest Fairy-type, but it has since been replaced by Crowned Sword Zacian. As it has a monstrous points for its base stats, it is easily the strongest Fighting-type Pokemon in the game. Not only does Ho-Oh have a special meaning behind it and unique, life-altering powers literally , but it also is quite the powerhouse in battle, capable of using the move Sacred Fire to create flames unique from any other Pokemon. It may not be the strongest in this regard, but it's perhaps worth noting that there is only one other Pokemon that can reach a higher total without the use of an item or a fusion technique. Subject yourself to his bad tweets by following him on Twitter YesItsAlistair. The top Ground-type Pokemon is, of course, Primal Groudon — you know, the powered-up version of one of three Hoenn Legendaries that all make an appearance on this list. This bodes well really, as Scarlet players will actually be able to catch themselves a second Koraidon by returning to the Great Crater of Paldea after completing the main story. The three forms are called the Tao Trio. Sitting at a nice base stat total, few Water-types can even begin to compare. Both are Steel-types, but have different secondary typing. Here's everything you might not know about it. As with Koraidon, players gain access to Miraidon very early on and will be able to upgrade the Legendary Pokemon to improve its usefulness as a mount.

Here at Retro Dodo, we love to give you insight into what Pokemon are the best, in areas such as their individual types or even which starters are the ones to go for when presented with that agonising decision at the beginning of each game check out our all Pokemon Starters tier list for more on that!

The pick of the bunch was definitely Terapagos though, thanks to its monstrous base stat total. Answer: Blastoise. Mewtwo is said only to be encountered by trainers who have beaten the Indigo Plateau, indicating its top-tier power and high judgment of strength. It becomes even more powerful when fused together with Kyurem, but, even on its own, it should be more than a match for the majority of other Pokemon. Its Physical and Special defenses allow it to withstand a decent amount of punishment, as too does its HP stat. Like we discussed earlier, Crowned Zacian has a whopping base stat total. Only three Pokemon can better its base stat total, although its high numbers are perhaps a little misleading. Related: Pokemon Card Value and Price Guide Let's see if you can answer the questions we ask, and maybe you have what it takes to be a Pokemon master! Much like its fellow gen 4 legendary, Dialga has been blessed with two types. Answer: Dungeon on Seafoam Island. A common theme that you'll start to notice is that some of these monstrous Pokemon are dual-type, and they occupy the top spot in two different typings , such as Primal Groudon here, who is the most powerful Ground- and Fire-type Pokemon in the series. The very first of these was Xerneas. Though not quite as popular as its fellow gen 2 mascot, Ho-Oh, Lugia is still an incredibly useful Pokemon to have on one's team; assuming, that is, that players can find one. It has at least points in every category save for Speed , making it a terrific Pokemon all around.

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