swtor empire vs republic

Swtor empire vs republic

By Renroval January 12, in General Discussion. Is there a reason why people prefer empire over republic?

By commanderwar March 19, in Story and Lore. This is just my opinion, but I just feel like faction war stories are the most boring, at least for me. I do like the companions, Tau, Rivix Anri, just not the actual rep vs empire plot. I also feel the rep vs empire stories have been pointless imo. Also I really doubt anyone going to win the war in an MMO. That why I imagine the World of Warcraft devs ended the faction wars, because people were tired of it and everyone knew no one would win completely. In the end out of all the stories that came post 1.

Swtor empire vs republic

By jnrose September 22, in Story and Lore. If I can The Sith Empire tries to pass itself off as a meritocracy. It's not. It is a statist dictatorship. The only true way to wield power in the Empire is to be a Sith; to be force sensitive. Thus, one is not purely measured on their ability, their skill, their education, but on a factor of their birth. Within the military, advancement is as often a factor of ability as it is riding the coattails of someone more powerful than you, i. There are some facets of meritocratic advancement, that is true, but those in power wield that power as a dictator. The whole purpose if the meritocratic advancement within the Sith is to make the best dictator. With regard to the Republic, "No-one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise.

I made an ally of Bask and his Dar'Manda and Indigo as well. It's aesthetics, I think. What does it mean by level shifting?

By lawfig February 18, in Story and Lore. I have a question about the choice to side with the empire or republic, or rejoin the empire or the republic. At what point will this really matter. Zero difference so far. Granted, I paused while running both in same place and there was nothing to indicate that my agent traitor to the empire acted any differently than my empire loyalist. I wish the writers could keep up with things like that, it makes it not worth the effort to venture down each choice with different characters.

By Tyralianus September 17, in General Discussion. Hello Guys and Ladys. Play atm on Satele Shan as Empire Bountyhunter - and on Fleet i can be happy when i see 40 others or so. The easiest - but perhaps, slowest - way would be to simply create a new character on Star Forge and see how it goes. This would also account for the population at the particular times you play, rather than just in general. Bioware doesn't release server population numbers, never has. People argue back and forth as to the validity of looking at population numbers on fleet, what time they look on fleet, can't see the real numbers for everyone packed in their strongholds, the list goes on. From my perspective, Star Forge is more populous for both factions.

Swtor empire vs republic

I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed the Republic side. Going into the game I thought I'd be all-Sith all-the-time, and my first two classes were both Imperial, but the Smuggler and Jedi Knight ended up being a lot more fun than I expected. Empire is made of talentless, solo wannabe, no teamwork, no tactic, argumentative, whining douchebags who have a few people amongst them that despair at the lack of even a remote ability to play the game tactically like they should. Empire suck. Republic own the pvp. I still wouldn't play Republic. I would rather buy a jaa-jaa binks doll, rip the stuffing out of its bottom and have fun

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This actually fits in pretty well with the Star Wars universe, where predestination and who's-your-daddy affect your talents and level of success more than your willingness to work hard does. This happened to me yesterday. Corellia was ruled by Correllians and defended by CorSec. Empire, because the Republic fleet station looks like a second hand purchase from the Hutts. Not your typical Imp fighting Republic all the time. Empire applauds your coolness plus the fact of the existence of free cookies in the imperial fleet cantina everyday.. And your economy is in shambles, maybe pick it up a bit before throwing all resources into weaponry, no? The only true way to wield power in the Empire is to be a Sith; to be force sensitive. Iokath was sort of in the right direction. This is coming from a person who can't play a dark side character because it makes me feel bad inside, but I realize other people do not react in that way and have benign reasons to play an evil character. That would be a catastrophically bad idea if it went further than the effects on Imp Taris or Pub Balmorra, since it would be instantly interpreted by one and all as "so the Imps [or Pubs, as appropriate] won on Zoggita, sucks to be a Pubsider [or Impsider, as appropriate]".

The Galactic Republic , commonly known as the Republic , is a fictional political entity in the Star Wars universe that predates the formation of the Galactic Empire. It is prominently featured in the prequel trilogy of Star Wars films , offering a glimpse into its history and functioning. In the original trilogy , which takes place after the events of the prequels, the Republic is referred to as the Old Republic , suggesting its long-established nature.

And stop with the mandatory story flashpoints. By jnrose September 22, in Story and Lore. There are some facets of meritocratic advancement, that is true, but those in power wield that power as a dictator. In the time of TOR, power is actually held by the Dark Council which would make it a Authoritarian rule by a centralized group and Kratocracy rule by the strong state. Yes, they lost, but they still had a fighting chance. The only class that looks genuinely fun in the Republic is the Smuggler, but then again he is outclassed by the Imp Agent who many players say has the best storyline in the game. Tashia Posted September 24, Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. There just planetary arcs and I don't really want to go back to that. My Chiss bounty hunter hasn't gone through the expansion but the way they treated my Chiss agent has me leaning toward even her going to the Republic. I wish Bioware was brave enough to let one faction lose again, the player doesn't always have to be on the winning side. This is the first, with a narrative impact based on the fact that one of two leaders pays the Biggest Price for an epic piece of folly, depending on your decision. One day city, station, ship, minerals, prototypes etc. I'll align with the Sith Empire.

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