Smg4 bob

For other subjects on the wiki with Bob as its name, please see Bob disambiguation. That means it's considered to be one of smg4 bob best articles the SuperMarioGlitchy4 Wiki has to offer.

Any act of adding this villain to the Magnificent Baddie category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this villain without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban. Additional Notice : This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. He is a cunning, manipulative, and greedy Garo robe who is always seeking to make a reputation for himself. He once had a successful rap career, but he was forced to stop it after betraying his pals with his newfound fame.

Smg4 bob

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Knowing Meggy had a competition with Tari, smg4 bob, she quickly shot down the ducks after pressuring Bob to let her play for free and scored more points than Tari. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.


It is a series of videos by SMG4 that are part of a story involving Bob Bobowski and his rapping career. It is succeeded by The Anime Arc. This article contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk. If you want to see the list of episodes, go Here. Set after the events of the Waluigi Arc , the new arc centers around Bob Bobowski building up his rapping career. During it, he ends up pushing his friends aside and becomes ruthless and cruel to them, especially Fishy Boopkins. This episode consists of Bob trying to get onto Fishy Boopkins 's flavor.

Smg4 bob

Come on guys, all rock with me Time to set your hatred free Taunting Bob, his darkest hour Help our friend and make him see "What will one man do for fame and fortune? Bob becomes famous It is succeeded by The Anime Arc. The arc centers around Bob as he begins building up his rapping career and ends up pushing his friends aside, especially Fishy Boopkins, becoming ruthless and cruel. On another note, Glitch further teased and eventually revealed Meta Runner during this arc. The Well" "Mario and the Bob Mansion Bookends : The Arc begins and ends on a holiday. Cerebus Retcon : The reason why the Teletubbies, who were originally portrayed as trigger-happy and violent race of freaks, seem more sane and can even hold jobs? As it's revealed in The Mario Purge", it's because every year, by letting Tubbies commit crimes for 12 hours, it actually decreases Tubby crime rate. Bob's good deed back in "Mario And

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Eggman football was actually ,, tickets rather than , In fact, he made himself a really long fake autobiography , where he defeats SMG4 who was apparently the book's main antagonist and replaced him as the new main character "forever and ever". They ran all the way to the next room upstairs. Sign In Register. This item has been added to your Favorites. See Also Sunset Paradise Villains. Explore Wikis Community Central. When Mario realized Meggy became a T-Poser, Bob then asked if that was the time to set the castle on fire. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Eggman Football.

For other subjects on the wiki with Bob as its name, please see Bob disambiguation. That means it's considered to be one of the best articles the SuperMarioGlitchy4 Wiki has to offer. In his early days, Bob was selfish and secretly aimed to be famous, acted like a showoff, and mentally looked down at his friends.

Change language. As the Mario Bros. How can i change his eyes??? SMG3 Teletubbies Dr. Meggy was worried about him while Bob recorded the whole thing. Bob proceeded to taunt Tari saying that girls were bad gamers. Bob realized that the Mushroom Kingdom wasn't enough in " Mario and The Diss Track ", so he attempted to create the "Ultimate Diss Track", which was aimed at his former friends. They ran all the way to the next room upstairs. He also became somewhat petty, as he only made his diss track against his friends simply because he wanted the whole world to know his name. He then revealed that he was the one who pushed Boopkins down the well in order to save him and look like the hero in order to improve his music career, and that he purposefully burned down his house in order to use it as a sob tale. He also sometimes leaves his friends to die in certain situations such as The First T-Pose Outbreak despite their begging, which infuriated Mario, since this led to Luigi becoming into a T-Pose Zombie. Explore Wikis Community Central. For example, during The Rapper Bob Arc , his selfish dreams of fame eventually drove him to become a successful but traitorous rapper, orchestrating events that would make him the greatest rapper in the world.

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