alliance rim repairs

Alliance rim repairs

By mackaSeptember 22, in Western Australia. It's something like that and it's sort of near Northbridge, but on the Leederville end.

View Full Version : Official list of rim repairers. After doing a search and finding member opinions and threads longer than nannas knitting yarn, Id like to start a thread of decent rim repairers in Perth. I am SOR, and am looking for a decent business to fix some rashed rims. I was going to do post up a thread but never got around to it. Had my rims fixed at Briffa. Extremely well done job.

Alliance rim repairs

Are your wheels a bit worse for wear? We understand how annoying a scuff or a dent can be on your rims, especially when you take care of your car. Alliance Rim Repairs is your premier choice for mag wheel repairs. We have assembled a team of tradesmen who work with the latest equipment to deliver fast and effective results. They are dedicated to getting you back on the road with wheels that look, feel and function like they should. We have a long list of clients across different sectors who return time and time again because they know they can rely on our high-quality service. Maintaining this high standard of service has kept us at the forefront of the industry for almost two decades. Rim damage usually catches us unaware, and in most cases is caused by driving over potholes or hitting a kerb. If you go over a pothole, make sure to check and inspect for damage. Failure to find and solve the problem early can result in a dangerous tyre blow out and cause costly damage to your car. The quicker you identify any issues, the faster they can be resolved. Damage to your rims is easy to detect.

Just need some pics sent through to me and I will let you know.


A buckled wheel can really get you bent out of shape because of the inconvenience, time and money it takes to get it fixed. Alliance Rim Repairs offers affordable buckled wheel repair throughout Western Australia. We have specialised in the repair and restoration of wheels for decades and take great pride in the high standard of service we provide. Contact us today to restore your rims. Your car will be one of the more expensive investments you make in your life, so it makes sense to look after it properly by using our team of tradesmen for all your repair needs. Our handpicked staff has extensive experience working with wheels of varying sizes and types across different industries. They are well-versed in the most effective methods for repair and refurbishment of your bent rims, with access to cutting-edge equipment in our fully equipped workshop. Whether crater-like or shallow, potholes can cause considerable damage to your wheels, regardless of the speed you are driving.

Alliance rim repairs

Originally our services offered the repair of structurally damaged steel and alloy wheels. Over time we have evolved dramatically in offering a wider range of services including full refurbishments such as painting, polishing, CNC machining, custom works and more. Our years of expertise is used and frequently recommended by tyre dealers, panel beaters, car dealerships, suspension workshops, mechanical repairers and the general public. Alliance Rim Repairs understands the frustration its customers endure when damaging a wheel as they can sometimes be expensive or difficult to replace. Therefore, we are always consistently testing and improving our methods to ensure our work is done to the highest of standards to bring damaged wheels back to their original condition as efficiently as possible and for the fraction of the cost of a new wheel. To accomplish this, Alliance Rim Repairs always use the best quality materials and advanced machinery, as well as highly qualified tradesmen. No job leaves the workshop until management and staff are completely satisfied and our standards will continuously remain the highest in the wheel repair business. Click to call us at 08 08 Click to email us at info alliancerimrepairs.

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I need the additional clearance to be able to dial in some front end camber and not mash the wheel against my coilovers. Somebody tell me where my GTR is now and I'll sell my children to get it. All Rights Reserved. Originally posted by adam 32 ken, where does mr mag send his wheels for repairs? I got mine done and was through kewdale tyres they have a bloke in forrestfield doing them, cost per rim. R33 gtst reverse light not working. How does rim damage happen? Take Summerfield off your list He's closed down One of the brothers has gone off to be a beekeeper The other will do select jobs from his home. How to detect rim damage? Thankyou much appreciated. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Are your wheels a bit worse for wear? We understand how annoying a scuff or a dent can be on your rims, especially when you take care of your car. Alliance Rim Repairs is your premier choice for mag wheel repairs.

I had my rims done by Alliance. If you go over a pothole, make sure to check and inspect for damage. Alluminium wheel repairs perth. I have 2 rims with kerb rash which I need fixed and all 4 rims could do with painting as well. Im sure u guys know what my rim looked like and he managed to fix it:eek:. Would never use them ever again. For all your wheel painting and repair requirements Are your wheels a bit worse for wear? Thread has a list - just take to whomever you prefer. R31 chassis rail repair. I'll stop rambling - Pics will hopefully explain it.

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