roku remote clicking on its own

Roku remote clicking on its own

When I'm in an app and I push the arrow buttons, doesn't matter which one, it skips more than once and I can't land on what I want. Is my remote going bad? And yes I have put new batteries in it. Probably not your remote.

Has anyone had any issues with your television doing things randomly. My rokuTv 6 months old changes channels and inputs on its own. If not, it's possible that someone in your house connected to the same wireless network as the TV is controlling the Roku TV using the Roku mobile app. If the issue stops from there, that would likely explain the behavior you are seeing. I'll be able to assist you further from there. I have a similar problem.

Roku remote clicking on its own

Why would my TV be turning on and off, changing over to whatever options it lands on, going into different channels and screens etc, constantly clicking in between it turning on and off as well as the volume going all the way up. This was happening to my year old tv,, just bought a new one, it's doing the exact same thing. It doesn't do it all day long and then in the evening it starts. It's almost as if someone has a remote and is co trolling the TV but buttons just keep clicking on their own. Please help! We have the exact same issue. Rapidly changes volume, changes apps, downloads apps, turns off, turns on, whatever it wants. Pretty sure it created a new user in the Netflix app. No amount of power cycling, resetting to defaults, referring to ANY of the troubleshooting has worked. That seemed to resolve the issue for a couple of weeks, but now the problem has returned, and infected the plug in sticks. Roku Community. Sign In Help. Discussions Is your Roku TV not working? Join our online community forum to find help with common Roku TV issues, get troubleshooting tips, and share your experiences. Turn on suggestions.

Did you mean:. RokuTannerD Retired Moderator. Remote Right arrow button.

My remote is able to move fine through apps, but whats I am in the app it keeps scrolling through movies. Also through the letters as I search. How do I fix this? Same here, my ROKU remote is acting like it has a mind of its own. Try restarting your Roku.

Roku devices are reliable and fairly inexpensive, but that doesn't mean they're invincible. Maybe you've noticed that your Roku device hasn't been working as fast lately, or you've encountered a glitch or two with some of your favorite apps. In this guide, we'll break down how to fix the majority of your Roku problems, as well as diagnose some quick fixes for other problems you're likely to encounter while using a Roku TV or other Roku device. Roku streaming device. Most problems on a Roku, especially those that involve freezing or operating glitches, can be solved through one of the following:. If you already know how to do these operations, you can proceed with them, or check our more specific fixes further below. Otherwise, keep reading for a step-by-step method of completeing each one. Step 3: Depending on your device, you may not see a Power selection. If you instead see System restart, select that instead.

Roku remote clicking on its own

Though the remote isn't essential — you can also control your Roku via a smartphone app on your iPhone or Android device — it's pretty convenient. You can only reset an enhanced remote — the infrared remote can't and doesn't need to be reset, as it will work with any compatible Roku player just by being pointed directly at it. If an infrared remote isn't working, try replacing the batteries. Most Roku models come with the enhanced remote.

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I have tried the suggestion of unplugging and pressing the power button on the bottom of the television to "drain" the power from the unit and that has not worked. How do I fix this? If the issue stops from there, that would likely explain the behavior you are seeing. RokuKariza-D Roku Guru. Roku remote battery pops up notification. This just started happening about 6 nights ago September 2, If this post solves your problem please help others find this answer by clicking "Accept as Solution. I even removed the other remotes from the room and it is still scrolling like crazy. Roku Forum Moderator. Please add support for numerics in your apps, devices, and remotes! Turn on suggestions. My Roku remote has a mind of it's own, it recently started scrolling wildly through each menu screen ignoring button presses as it scrolls every which way. Sounds like IR interference, but offending remote doesn't have to be the roku remote, its just thst roku commands is stuck in feedback loop from the other remote's IR stream. I have restarted it, number of times, no use. I have tried to search for updates, repaired my remote, replaced the batteries, unplugged it and nothing helps.

No matter what I do my Roku continues to scroll on its own even after taking the batteries out of the remote and completely resetting the device I don't know what to do does anybody have any advice. There may be a mobile device with the Roku Remote app accidentally controlling it, or If its a non-stick model, there may be stray IR getting to it.

Tags: Not useful. Re: Possessed remote. I unplugged the Roku unit and left it off for about 30 minutes. Does the scrolling continue when you remove the remote's batteries or cover over the top of the remote where the IR sender is located? This worked. Hey, My remote not even a year old was doing werid things last night. That doesn't mean that Pluto is "the cause" though. The unit is a Roku Express and if I cover up the sencer in the front of it it stops a scrolling until I uncover it and resetting all the devices in the house did not help. Join our online community forum to find help with common Roku TV issues, get troubleshooting tips, and share your experiences. Also through the letters as I search. This is a new problem for me. Please add support for numerics in your apps, devices, and remotes! This issue has been posted multiple times in the community, so I think it is a known issue without a known fix.

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