nawcc chapters

Nawcc chapters

We will continue to need some help setting up and taking down.

The purpose of the club is to:. If you are interested or curious about clocks and watches we encourage you to attend a meeting. You just need to bring your questions and have some fun. Feel free to contact one of the executive, or just show up at the door! Chapter 92 meetings are at the:. Mount Brydges, N0L 1W0.

Nawcc chapters

Horology—perhaps you have never heard that word before. Horology is the art, study, and science of measuring time or of making time keeping devices. Given this definition, a horologist is a person who is involved with any of those things. Chapter then, is a group of horologists. We are passionate about all things related to time and timekeeping. Each of us has a different set of interests—we enjoy learning and sharing our knowledge, interests, and experience and we meet monthly for this purpose. Occasionally, we even talk about things that are not related to horology. We especially enjoy sharing with people who are new to horology and eager to learn. Our core focus, consistent with that of the National organization, is to educate ourselves and the public about all aspects of horology. We meet every third Sunday of the month, except June and December. See the Meeting section of this website for more details on the upcoming meetings. The marts are an excellent opportunity to pick up some watches, clocks, tools, and books at very low prices. Pursuant to our mission we hold classes through the year on a variety of topics depending on the desires of the members. Our chapter began in September of —since that time we have held nearly 60 workshops—of special interest are the ten introductory workshops we have held in the last several years. These were developed and presented using the resources of our own members—these hands-on workshops have helped many people to explore their interest in horology and helped them decide to pursue it further or just to keep it casual.

Horology—perhaps you have never heard that word before. This is likely nawcc chapters one time move due to some conflicts with the normal location from the American Legion perspective.

An email will be sent to you if there is any change in status and you are on the mailing list. If not on the list and want to receive these occasional email notices just send an note by clicking here. It will not occur if it interferes with other Chapter s activities or may be combined with the other activity. More Highlights. Please support your Chapter by sending in your dues in a timely fashon. Click for info and access to the membership dues form. Annual dues are based on the calendar year.

Presentations are in-person and vary from 30 to 60 minutes. Arrangements regarding availability, equipment, travel requirements, and incidental expenses, if any, are made directly with the speaker. The NAWCC education department is looking for members who have prepared horological presentations and would like to share their expertise with others. Please Contact Educational Programs for more information. Promote your Chapter meetings in every issue. A wide range of topics covering every aspect of time and timekeeping is available to Chapters for educational programs. These include webinars and podcasts that require only an internet connection and speakers. Interested in giving lectures? Educational Programs A wide range of topics covering every aspect of time and timekeeping is available to Chapters for educational programs. Interested in Starting a Chapter?

Nawcc chapters

Chapter 40 - Rip Van Winkle. Chapter 57 - Ozark. Chapter 58 - Great Plains.

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Goal of coarse was also to not burn ones house down in the process. This clock is known as a German time bomb. Letting the spring down incorrectly can cause the clock to rapidly disintegrate. Free holiday luncheon following the December meeting for each member and their spouse or guest. Classes in the planning stages include the following:. Membership is down slightly from pre-Covid times, hopefully we will get more people returning as things return to normal. We had some more clocks donated which the chapter will be selling at the silent auction table. He then cut the teeth with a splitting saw and jewelers saw. We have had some requests to add some hands-on teaching in basic clock repair. Then holes are drilled for attachment to center arm and for easier access for the jewelers saw. About Us. Rick Robinson - President rickrose execulink. The duties involve putting together the newsletter and taking notes at board meetings. Club Activities. The educational talk for November was given by Bill Galinski.

It should be straightforward, servicing a time only, seconds beat weight driven wall clock. Swiss pinwheel regulator movements are another story! David gave a brief overview of these clocks, and then, using a slideshow, took the audience through the unique disassembly steps.

Please continue to be considerate of others and wear a mask covering your nose and mouth if you have not received all your vaccinations. Pursuant to our mission we hold classes through the year on a variety of topics depending on the desires of the members. We had our location temporarily moved to the larger hall just behind and to the south of our normal location and it seemed to work out well. Thanks, Tony, for explaining all the choices in screwdriver selection. Shepard Ave. All Texas Chapters Regional. Brian Melick — Membership bmelick cogeco. It is where John Harrison meets Rube Goldberg and is based upon the achievements of the past masters of horology, from Harrison to Tompion, Breguet, Hahn, Janvier and Fasoldt just to name a few, not to mention a few unique designs we invented along the way. Chapter information and news of current events can be sent to you as a reminder. Michael Figueira discussed letting down the spring on a vintage Elgin day clock. It offers an opportunity to keep our costs in line with our current membership levels.

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