name the largest phylum of animal kingdom

Name the largest phylum of animal kingdom

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Name the largest phylum of animal kingdom


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Whittaker organized organisms into five kingdoms. He classified organisms based on cell structure, mode and source of nutrition and body design. Let us learn about the animal kingdom, i. Kingdom Animalia constitutes all animals. Amongst the five kingdoms, the largest kingdom is the animal kingdom. Animals are multicellular eukaryotes. However, like plants, they do not possess chlorophyll or a cell wall. Therefore, members of the animal kingdom exhibit a heterotrophic mode of nutrition. Kingdom Animalia has been classified into ten different subphyla based on their body design or differentiation. Also Read: Animal Kingdom.

Name the largest phylum of animal kingdom

Arthropoda is the largest phylum with about nine lakh species. They may be aquatic, terrestrial or even parasitic. They have jointed appendages and a chitinous exoskeleton. This phylum includes several large classes and contains the class Insecta which itself represents a major portion of the animal species in the world. They possess the ability to survive in every habitat. They have an open circulatory system. The terrestrial Arthropods excrete through Malpighian tubules while the aquatic ones excrete through green glands or coaxal glands. They contain sensory organs like hairs, antennae, simple and compound eyes, auditory organs, and statocysts. The head is provided with antennae, two pairs of jaws, and a pair of simple eyes. The upper lip of the mouth contains epistome and labrum, and the lower lip contains a pair of maxillae.

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Arthropods are not only the largest phylum of invertebrates.

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