keiki paste near me

Keiki paste near me

Find out where to cut your orchid's flower spike after it has finished blooming. These plantlets can grow naturally and they can be encouraged by using plant hormones. Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium orchids are especially prone to producing keikis. To propagate orchids with keiki paste, using a sterile blade, make a shallow cut on a node, or little bump, on the orchid flower stalk and apply the keiki paste, keiki paste near me.

Occasionally an orchid plant will bear a little plantlet off of its flower stem or pseudobulb. These little baby plants are often called a Keiki Hawaiian for "baby". Frequently we are asked what should be done when this happens. Keikis are seen more frequently on Phalaenopsis, Epidendrum, and Dendrobium than on other orchids. Keikis are genetically identical to their mother and will bear flowers that look like the mother's too! If you would like to have a Keiki of your own to grow, Phalaenopsis equestris and its hybrids often produce such babies naturally and are fairly easy to grow. Plant hormones such as KeikiGrow Plus can be applied to a node on the bloom stem or base to stimulate the growth of a keiki and KeikiRoot can be applied to stimulate root production.

Keiki paste near me

Free shipping for Keiki Paste in the US. Have you seen how keiki paste can give you lush and full plants? Our cloning paste works by bio-hacking your plant's dormant nodes, encouraging them to activate and create new vegetation. The applications are only limited by your creativity. Want to learn more about keiki paste? Read our complete guide. Originally formulated for orchids, keiki paste will give your orchid extra flowers - or even an entirely new plant. A baby orchid that is left on the mother plant will bloom in sync with the mother plant after just TWO years. This creates an unusual and vibrant flower display. Or you can remove and repot the keikis to expand your own orchid collection or give them as gifts to friends. Got leggy plants?

I applied the paste to the nodes of pothos and purple heart tradescantia where the stems were leafless and bare. If possible, provide extra humidity for your fledgling plant.

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Free shipping for Keiki Paste in the US. Keiki paste is a fun and seemingly magical goo used to clone orchids, create new orchid blooms, and generate new growth on just about any healthy houseplant. Keiki paste works by using a plant growth hormone called cytokinin to bio-hack a plant's dormant nodes, encouraging those nodes to activate and sprout new vegetation. While you could make your own , we recommend using Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste , a super-formula with precisely tested levels of cytokinins and added vitamins for maximum growth. Applying keiki paste is simple, but we recommend reading through the instructions to avoid commonly missed steps and to set up your plant for the most successful new growth possible. Assessing your plant's health is the most crucial and overlooked step of using keiki paste. Before applying keiki paste, ensure the plant on which you want it is healthy and in a growth cycle.

Keiki paste near me

Keiki Power Pro stimulates orchids and many other plants! But many plants are simply lazy, stubborn, or too old just like humans and need a swift kick in the pseudobulb to get them going. Keiki Power Pro gives them that swift kick. All plants respond to biochemical signals which cause the plant to do various things, such as grow more leaves, extend roots, or grow new keikis. The paste itself that carries the active is water repellent, meaning that the active is kept where it is needed and you can water normally.

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Usually discarded dormant bulbs back bulbs can be encouraged to produce new growths after the application of plant regulators KeikiGrow Plus. Yes, cell differentiation and root development work best in a fairly high humidity. Or you can remove and repot the keikis to expand your own orchid collection or give them as gifts to friends. If possible, provide extra humidity for your fledgling plant. We send instructions for use with each plastic jar and the amount you get goes a long way. Close Cart. Well the answer is yes and no! My dog licked my plant with Keiki Paste. Orchids Succulents Houseplants. A constant flow of auxins from the apical top buds in a plant suppress dormant buds further down the plant. Growth Patterns of Monopodial and Sympodial Orchids Knowing this will help you better water and pot your orchids.

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Cloning for fun, or because the parent plant is failing are both great reasons to use this effective formula. These plantlets can grow naturally and they can be encouraged by using plant hormones. To increase your chance of growing a baby keiki you will want to select a node along the flower spike that is closer to the base of the plant. That said, it's always better to keep non-food substances away from pets and kids - save your keiki paste for your plants. Keikis develop leaves first, while flowers begin with a flower stalk that looks like a closed fist. In the first photo, both the keiki and the mother orchid are in flower. This is also a great way obtain a replacement plant when your original one dies while flowering. Powered by Judge. It looks a little funky where the new flower stalk emerges and where the dead flower stalk meet. To learn more, click here to grab your cheat sheet to learn how to grow healthier orchids. Although Jim has some serious reservations about CITES legislation and implementation, he has found it more useful to develop programs for the cloning of endangered species and the preservation of endangered species. The top buds generally responded with numerous keikis or sometimes extra flower spikes while buds at the base of the canes form shoots which then develop into new growths.

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