Imdb ambulance

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Sign In. Jake Gyllenhaal Danny Sharp. Garret Dillahunt Captain Monroe. Jackson White Officer Zach. Olivia Stambouliah Lieutenant Dzaghig. Moses Ingram Amy Sharp.

Imdb ambulance

Sign In. Edit Ambulance Captain Monroe Keir O'Donnell Officer Zach Olivia Stambouliah Lieutenant Dzaghig Moses Ingram Amy Sharp Colin Woodell Officer Mark A Martinez Papi Jesse Garcia Roberto Jose Pablo Cantillo Jesus Wale

Interactive insanity between the main characters. Jesse Gabbard Papi's Tech.

Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Movie Review: Ambulance. The new action film at least it is supposed to be from Michael Bay , simply titled Ambulance , unfortunately turns out to be a long, boring slog of a ride instead of the edge-of-your-seat thriller it was more than likely intended to be.

Sign In. Edit Ambulance Captain Monroe Keir O'Donnell Officer Zach Olivia Stambouliah Lieutenant Dzaghig Moses Ingram

Imdb ambulance

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User reviews 8 Review. Details Edit. Downsides include some sloppiness with a few of the action moments as well as the editing. Featured review. Goofs The ambulances are supposed to have their number painted on their roof. Twisting the 80 minute original into a vast minute canvas, allows for a the glorious spectacle of GTB: Grand Theft Bayhem. Alice Smith uncredited. JG spends the whole movie accurately pewning people with no red dot and his "flip up back up sights" down. Featured review. Do yourself a favor and skip this. There's plenty of action, police procedural moments and cars being smashed up, but also the physical and emotional conflict between the characters within the ambulance itself.

One does not hire Michael Bay for subtle adult drama. But here, the recipient is changed from a dying mother to a sick wife, juicing the conflict between career criminal Danny Sharp Jake Gyllenhaal and his adopted sibling, struggling veteran Will Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

A lot more than you think. It effectively builds up the tension and manages it keep it high for a long time, punctuated with light hearted moments during the stress and very little down time. Was this review helpful? Each bag has 8Mil in s, which weighs pounds. Create a list ». Facebook Instagram. Cedric Sanders Officer Mark. I will not mention any particular situation here cause I don't want to be flagged as spoilers, but just keep in mind that if you are going to watch this movie the script is bonkers. Related news. Thirty minutes into the movie I felt like I just watched the climax action scene.

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