Hiv test after 6 months is conclusive

A potential exposure to human immunodeficiency virus HIV might make someone wonder how soon they can get results from a test. For some people, detection could take months.

HIV is renowned for being a complex virus that is difficult to eliminate from the body. But thanks to a global research community, we now know so much more about how the virus works, including how we can use testing to detect it. Today, we have many different tests available to screen for HIV , which is great! The HIV window period is the time between infection and when the virus can be reliably detected from a test. It takes time for HIV to be detected in the body by a test. During the window period however, antibodies or the p24 antigen can either be absent or still too few to be detected by testing.

Hiv test after 6 months is conclusive

Consult our Sexologist Online. Advanced treatment with highly effective antiviral drugs has made it possible to live a near normal life with HIV. What is important in successful management of HIV is early detection and prompt initiation of drugs. Methods to detect the number of virus particles present in the blood stream have made it possible to detect the progression of the disease early in the course and also to determine the extent to which the person can be infectious to others. If you are thinking about getting yourself tested, here is all you need to know about how to test for HIV. Today there are different types of HIV tests available in India. Each of the different tests vary in their accuracy, window period, time taken for obtaining results and also the cost. The window period of an HIV test is the time lapsed after infection with HIV, beyond which the test may become positive. Having learned that there are many different types of tests, let us go into the details of how to test for HIV. Most of the times if one has shown risky behaviour in the past and fears having been infected with HIV, anxiety is so much that they would like to know their HIV status as soon as possible. The hassle of waiting for the test reports for a couple of days may be traumatizing. Besides, for purposes such as hospital based screening of a patient in view of a planned surgical procedure may also demand quick reporting tests for HIV. We will go into the details of rapid HIV testing and the scope of the test.

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Testing earlier needs a confirmatory test three months after the risk. A positive test result is routinely confirmed using a different type of test called western blot. This includes infections, medications, most vaccinations, putting on weight, eating or drinking anything before the test, use of alcohol or recreational drugs, mouthwash or time of day. As part of good practice, if the exposure was less than three months ago then testing at three months after exposure is usually recommended. This is so unlikely that UK guidelines consider a negative result three months after an exposure as being HIV negative.

What is the percentage of people who develop enough antibodies for HIV virus in the first three months after exposure? Does the length of window period depend only on the response of one's immune system or also on the amount of infectious fluid that was transferred during sex? I happen to know nothing about my partner's previous sex life. I know that, for a test to show something, you must wait for six to nine months. I would like to know whether, provided that I am infected, I will experience any symptoms in this six to nine month period? Is it possible to have the virus and not have any symptoms or indications all this time? Right now, I am a graduate student and I am experiencing anxiety, fatigue, sleepiness, weight loss three to five pounds in the last two months. Are these related to the disease, or is it just in my mind? When it comes to charting out a timeline for HIV tests and potential symptoms, the short answer to your questions are… it depends.

Hiv test after 6 months is conclusive

If you used a rapid HIV self-test at home or another private location, the package materials will provide this information, along with a phone number you can call. That's because of the window period —the time between when a person gets HIV and when a test can accurately detect it. The window period varies from person to person and depends on the type of HIV test you take. Ask your health care provider or testing counselor about the window period for your HIV test. If your test result is negative, get tested again after the window period to be sure. If your test result is negative again, and you have had no possible HIV exposure during the window period, then you do not have HIV. If your HIV test is negative, now is the time to start thinking about the HIV prevention options that work for you such as taking HIV prevention medicine called pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP or using condoms the right way every time you have sex. If you inject drugs , do not share needles, and use new injection supplies every time to lower your chances of getting HIV. If you have certain risk factors for HIV , you should continue getting tested at least once a year.

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But now I having throat infection and uvala grown and touching the tongue some white dots over upper lips. Please advise doctor,. When you worry too much, it puts stress in your brain. For herpes 1 and 2 values shows 0. After 10 days after ten day which mean 2 September they told me that i have hiv then i got doubt and i went to neary by lab and took hiv-1 hiv-2 vdrl hbs ag anti hvc they told me that i am negative and i told then run elisa method Is there any possible that rapid card result is differ from elisa. I have tested with HIV duo test on 25 and 35 day. Is these tests are conclusive? Hi Doc, Two weeks back I had protected sex with a sex worker. But yesterday I got an ulser in my mouth on the inside cheek right wall. Is it anything serious? Lost 3Kgs of weight.

A potential exposure to human immunodeficiency virus HIV might make someone wonder how soon they can get results from a test.

Do I need to be worried or is it conclusive. Because i have headache some times sir. Just to be sure, they recommend another test after 6 months. Should I test again for hiv? Can the result of my test change after 90 days? I used condom and even blowjob with condom. It is a test which can detect HIV infection as early as days post exposure. Took 4th generation test at 72 and 80 days blood taken from vein tested in lab cmia method. Do I need to take another test? Most likely the report after 29 days after exposure is kind of conclusive. Get that lady tested again. If during the time of counseling it is known that the potential exposure was very recent, the option of post exposure prophylaxis will also be discussed with you. Is that conclusive, doctor?

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