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Handsom dans

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James Richardson am, Mar 26, Staff Reporter. Yale News. Long before the Yale community met Kingman on March 18 through a formal announcement and a flurry of activity on social media, the search for Handsome Dan XIX took Yale administrators from California to Maine. A week prior to picking up Kingman in late February, Haro visited Maine to play with the litter of nine puppies. Kingman is especially good at posing for photos, as he will stop and look at the camera just long enough for the photographer to get the perfect shot, according to Haro.

Handsom dans

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Handsome Dan is a bulldog who serves as the mascot of Yale University 's sports teams. In addition to a person wearing a costume , the position is filled by an actual bulldog, the honor and the title "Handsome Dan" being transferred to another upon death or retirement. One newspaper reported: "He was a big white bulldog, with one of the greatest faces a dog of that breed English ever carried". This was not an exaggeration, as Handsome Dan was one of the finest specimens of his breed in America, and went on to win first prize at the Westminster Dog Show and at least thirty other first prize ribbons in the United States and Canada. The title came to him, he never sought it.

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Handsom dans

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Face The Elements in Comfort. D Renegade. Active retired due to emotional instability. Handsome Dans traditionally reign for a lifetime, but Mugsy is still living with owner Bob Sansone in Hamden. Handsome Dan. Handsome Dan III was a huge white dog who exhibited morbid fear of crowds and had to be retired. Contents move to sidebar hide. D Verdansk Bomber Jacket. Yale Bulldogs football. Choose options Choose options View details. Notable for falling off the dock at the Yale Boathouse and nearly drowning [13] confirming the hypothesis that bulldogs cannot swim, due to the peculiarities of their physiques ; some contemporary news reports say that he had to be resuscitated after having had his head embedded in the mud. Street Jackets. He was frequently sighted on Martha's Vineyard during the tourist season. His love of Yale was evident in many ways: he would sing along with the Yale fight song at least the "bow wow wow" part ; he would "play dead" when asked whether he would rather die or join Harvard; and he lost his normally docile nature around mascots of opposing teams, launching assaults on the Princeton tiger mascot and the Brown University bear mascot. Dan was peculiar to himself in one thing — he would never associate with anyone but students.

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