eso arcanist tank build

Eso arcanist tank build

The Arcanist is an amazing tank in ESO.

This build has many shields. As a result, great survivability. This build has been updated for the Update 40 patch of the Elder Scrolls Online. If powerful tomes of Hermaeus Mora and following what you are looking for, this build is for you! Sometimes independently from a healer.

Eso arcanist tank build

Due to having so many buffs and debuffs they would also be really useful in dungeons. The Unblinking Eye Unnecessary This skill is not required for tanking but might be used in solo content. Runeblades Unnecessary Could be used for solo situation or additional Crux generation but generally not needed. Abyssal Impact Unnecessary This skill offers an Immobilisation but only in front of you and with a very short duration, there is a better option in the Soldier of Apocrypha skills. You might find the Stamina sustain a little challenging if blocking a lot so this skill can be helpful on Boss fights especially. Fated Fortune — Increased crit healing, works really well in combination with the heal from Runespite Ward. Harnessed Quintessence. Psychic Lesion. Splintered Secrets. All Optional All of these passives are fully damage focussed and so they are optional for Tanking. You apply this to an enemy and it will taunt and apply a armor pen debuff of

If offers additional group Major Protection but you do need to heal this morph rather than damage it so it would work well in a Trial situation where you have 2 Healers but possibly not so good for Dungeons, eso arcanist tank build. Runeguard of Freedom Runic Defense : Defensive skill that also heals you. Overall this is a vital skill due to the group buff it provides of Minor Resolve which might be needed in some situations.

The One Bar Tank Arcanist Build is designed to be robust and also support your team mates if you are grouped with someone. The Battalion Defender set auto heals us or our group members every second when we take damage. Gibbering Shelter absorbs close to k damage too if it is active. And Defensive Stance applies another decent shield. In total if all shields are activated at the same time we can push towards a k shield.

Hack The Minotaur. Category: Best Arcanist Builds. With access to many powerful buffs and debuffs this build will be an outstanding addition to any dungeon or trials group in ESO! Arcanists are also extremely unique in that they make use of a powerful new game mechanic called Crux. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds and scales off your Max Health. SET BONUS 1 item Adds Maximum Stamina 2 items When you activate a taunt ability on an enemy, you cause a duneripper to burst from the ground beneath them after 1 second, dealing Physical damage to all enemies within 4 meters and reducing their Armor for 15 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds and scales off the higher of your Physical or Spell Resistance. Enemies within 12 meters are immediately pulled to you.

Eso arcanist tank build

It is aimed at giving you optimized setups to learn to play the Arcanist in dungeon and trial content. Apocrypha Warder is a build that focusses on the strengths of the Arcanist with many group buffs, self sustain and huge damage shields making them one of the most useful Tank classes in The Elder Scrolls Online for Dungeons and for Main Tanking Trials. See more: Arcanist Tank Overview. The Atronach. Essence of Health Potions More Info. Our first 5-piece is Turning Tide which is another really strong group damage buff. Finally we use 2 weapon sets, Void Bash which is just best in slot for every Tank Class for dungeons because it makes add pulls easy, press 1 button, pull everything into a stack, easy. It gives me an extra bit of recovery and allows me to recover a little bit of extra resources if I heavy attack after doing Heroic Slash. Tremorscale — Veteran Volenfell Dungeon. Void Bash — Vateshran Arena.

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Perfected Puncturing Remedy. This would be the bare minimum setup, spending CP total required. Psychic Lesion. Blackwood Toggle child menu Expand. The Lord is a good Mundus Stone to increase maximum Health. You can learn more about these sets in the Tank Sets article. Updated: Necrom June Rune of Eldritch Horror. A lot of group utility Huge amounts of recovery Good survival with two heals and a massive damage shield Many long duration abilities Easy to reach resistance cap. DK Tank Builds have been the meta consistently for years and for good reason.

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Daily Quests Toggle child menu Expand. You need a Curative Runeform ability slotted on the same bar as your shield to gain the benefit. If you are a new player, you can take a look at my Arcanist Beginner Guide. Other noteworthy Sets. Functional functional. Alcasthq Discord. Throne and Liberty Toggle child menu Expand. Battalion Defender. You can use the synergy this skill provides to regain around resources. Mythic Items Leads Toggle child menu Expand. Impervious Runeward. Armor Set 1 : Perfected Pearlescent Ward. Fortified Brass. And because we are a tank, Stamina is definitely more important. Ads help us run this site This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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