d60 chart in hindi

D60 chart in hindi

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Last Updated on February 21, by astrologerbydefault. Today this is a totally astrology post on the Divisional chart 60, D, Shashtyamsha. So here is our list of important divisional charts. So why do we do this? Divide and subdivide the zodiac to get more and more divisional charts? Each divisional chart gives a deeper insight into the real you, the secret you, the physical you, the astral you, the spiritual you, the emotional you and so on. You and me are very complex beings, you see..

D60 chart in hindi

To purchase Jyotish Video Lessons, please contact us by email [email protected] and let us know the names of the Video Lessons you would like to buy. We will respond to you and let you know the total amount to be paid along with our bank details or payment links. After receiving the payment, we will share with you the Google Drive Download links to your Gmail address. The text in all video lessons is primarily in English. The language of communication is English or Hindi and It is highlighted clearly in the description of each video lesson. Exploring the need and use of Divisional charts with special emphasis on D60 Amsha rulers. Adolf Hitler, and Mahatma Gandhi to digest the knowledge acquired. Four more Varga Kundalis were taught by Maharshi Jaimini. General rules to read Divisional Charts. Introduction and explanation of Shastamsha D Amsha Ruler in detail. Case studies using D60 Amsha Rulers:. Vimshopak Bala of a planet in Shad Varga 6 D charts scheme explained. The calculation and meaning included. Duration: minutes. Category: Hindi Video Lesson.

Kunduli Document 56 pages.


One of the sixteen primary Vargas in Vedic Tattvakatha, Parashara Maharshi's Shastiamsa varga Chart sheds light on fifth-house afflictions and provides insight into a person's past life and actions. It helps interpret the Gemini Horoscope and thoroughly understand a person's career ambitions, challenges, and advantages. One of the most important divisional charts in Vedic astrology for in-depth research is the Shastiamsa D60 Varga chart. To illustrate its significance, Parashara Maharshi suggests that it provides information about karma, Purva punya accumulated good deeds , and past lives. It is important to understand one's past, but its main emphasis is on the 5th house, which is about descent, intelligence, and creativity. It is considered that the Shastiamsa chart reveals the aspects of fortune, bad luck, dosha suffering , and accumulated negative karma. This is very helpful in Gemini horoscopes when small differences in birth times can cause large chart differences. It specifically divides it into 60 parts by dividing a Rashi into various Vargas divisions , known as Shastiamsa. In Vedic astrology, it remains an integral principle that illuminates profound insights beyond planetary relationships.

D60 chart in hindi

They are section heads, ruler or king or Devata of parts of the division of a sign. Just as there are 27 Devatas correspond to 27 Nakshatras a division of BhaChakra in 27 sections , in the same way, there are Amsha rulers. Exactly same are the deities of Bhamsha kundali D27 , the division of a sign in 27 equal parts. They are section heads, ruler or king, or Devata of parts of the division of a sign. They govern the primary motives of bodies: Grahas, Lagnas, and other bindus placed in these sections. They act as a higher force for all bodies present in their regions and dictate their basic functioning.

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Long Quiz English 8 Document 3 pages. Open navigation menu. If you open any of the Vedic software like Parashara light you will see some of these names against the planets in a table. Introduction and explanation of Shastamsha D Amsha Ruler in detail. Download now. Antara Print Document 15 pages. Ashlesha Star Sample Document 55 pages. Sudarshan Ashtakam Document 6 pages. You might also like Ast Document 5 pages. User Settings. VedicReport6 16 34 33PM Document 18 pages. VedicReport3 8 04 39PM Document 55 pages. Carousel Next. July 3, Time when the head comes out, or the entire body, or the first breath, or the first cry?


Hindu Iconography 3 Document 7 pages. Jyotish - Predictions Through Horary - S. The influence of the Pushkar navamsha is this, it will promote the auspicious results and reduce the intensity of the inauspicious effects of this planet. If the planet is in a good placement in in the D rashi and house it will give its results, may delay will not deny them. The calculation and meaning included. Loading Comments Rigvedasanhitc05wils PDF Document pages. Sri Ganapati Stotram Document 3 pages. The Importance of Shastiamsa Document 1 page. VedicReport4 26 32 48PM Document 17 pages. Retrograde planets are generally a source of confusion in the horoscope. Sri Lakshmi Stotram Final Document 5 pages.

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