Yamada x miyamura

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La storia di Yamada-kun divenne quindi il primo capitolo della serie [5]. In particolare, riguardo ai baci tra i membri dello stesso sesso, Yoshikawa ha dichiarato di non aver avuto intenzione di mirare a nessuna fascia demografica, ma che questo fu semplicemente "un esito inevitabile" [5]. In America del Nord , invece, i diritti sono stati acquistati da Kodansha Comics USA [15] , mentre in paesi del mondo i capitoli della serie sono stati pubblicati digitalmente da Crunchyroll a partire dal 26 ottobre [16]. In varie parti del mondo gli episodi sono stati trasmessi col titolo Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches in streaming in simulcast , anche coi sottotitoli in lingua italiana [29] , da Crunchyroll [30]. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Capitoli di Yamada-kun e le 7 streghe.

Yamada x miyamura

A episode anime television series adaptation by Liden Films was broadcast from April to June Ryu Yamada is known as a delinquent in his high school. He has been bored with his classes after one year of attending school. One day, he accidentally falls from a flight of stairs onto Urara Shiraishi , the ace student at the school. Yamada wakes up to find he has swapped bodies with her. The two try to reverse the change and discover kissing triggers the body swap. On the suggestion of student council vice-president Toranosuke Miyamura , they revive the Supernatural Studies club. The supernatural-phenomenon-obsessed Miyabi Itou soon joins the club. The club encounters other "witches" [b] with different powers are activated with a kiss on the lips. A transfer student, Kentaro Tsubaki , becomes a part of the club after nearly causing a fire to the old schoolhouse. Upon discovering the identity of the seventh witch, Rika Saionji , Yamada supposedly has his memories of the witches erased , but it instead affects the witches and the students involved. While the student council tries to impede his progress, Yamada restores the memories of the witches with a kiss, and gathers the seven witches [c] for a ceremony where he wishes for the powers to go away.

Miyabi Ito joins the Supernatural Studies Club, and shows off her paranormal collection. Archived from the original on June 22, Esci con me, per favore!

Supernatural Studies Club. Toranosuke is a tall, and somewhat slim built high school student with white hair and dark eyes. He is often seen with three small, silver hooped earrings in his left ear. At first, it is shown that Toranosuke's major is his charisma, being able to easily charm most people around him thanks to his looks and being friendly in general. However, according to Leona, Toranosuke never brought any friends home with him, implying that he wasn't close with anyone until he met Ryu and Urara.

Two very different people - an academically successful schoolgirl and a quiet loser schoolboy - meet and develop a friendship. Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Episode guide. Horimiya Original title: Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. Play trailer

Yamada x miyamura

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Log In. Remember Me. It twitches, slowly beginning to glow after, and Miyamura's pupils shrink at the action. It's still surprising to process when you meet your soulmate for the first time. Even when you expect who they are or not. Or: Miyamura gets a white string on his 17th birthday. He meets his soulmate under a bizarre occurrence.

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Volume 1 Let's try it. A quanto pare mi sono innamorato di Yamada! Miyabi spreads rumors the two are a couple. Making him realize that Shinichi has finally decided his secretary. Yamada interrupts Otsuka's meeting with her mother at an academic counseling session so that Otsuka can reveal her true aspirations. Yamada quickly learns that Maria Sarushima is a witch whose power is to see a glimpse someone's future when she kisses someone. First Year Students. Toshiki Masuda. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. He listens as Ryu tells Nene and Ushio of his reasons. Otsuka tells the gang she wants to pass the math exam so she can follow her father's footsteps in becoming a doctor, but Yamada learns she really wants to become a manga artist. The next day, Yamada is shocked to see Toranosuke and Miyabi falling in love with him, but kissing them again restores them to normal. Retrieved October 2,

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May 17, Kentaro later joins the club. May 31, Retrieved May 14, He the praises him as he suggests they should get three more to help them. Retrieved June 19, They then decide to recruit him, with him and Ryu in Miyabi and Urara's bodies respectively. The guys explain that it is an initiation for the club, so Ito surprisingly kisses Yamada. During the actual ritual, Saionji feels chilly and wishes for panties, but that becomes the final wish, and that they won't have another chance until the next year. Lemme see too, man. Ito takes Yamada to a closed-off room, but they learn from Odagiri who is with Ushio Igarashi that there is a captivation power that is the cause of this.

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