wild animal clips

Wild animal clips

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Murmuration of starlings against the sky at dusk on a cloudy day. Sharks swim in a circle. A beautiful background. Slow motion. Under water.

Wild animal clips


White pigeons flying up vertically towards the reddish sky. The Camargue National Reserve. Real time video of starlings at sunset.


Alaska Animal Rescue is back for another season of excitement as Alaska's conservation heroes return to rescue, rehabilitate, Even in the mildest climates, life is a struggle, but animals living in the coldest regions of the world have bodies and Survival expert Les Stroud explores the world of Alaska's most formidable wildlife and uncovers the secrets. There are countries in Europe that are often overlooked as natural history film making locations. The Arctic Circle, Northern Alaska.

Wild animal clips

There's something that defies the ephemeral about the wild - it beckons with a primordial agelessness that promises to reveal all of life's answers away from civilization. Amidst its harsh environs, with its inhospitable weather conditions, it is often wholly unpredictable, and offers just as much dangerous truths as it does bucolic lessons. Those that go in search of it, or those that find themselves trapped in it, often emerge the greater for having done so if they make it through. Throughout cinema, there have been many films that tackle humankind's relationship with the wilderness that surrounds it. There are survival films about humanity's triumph over nature, as well as its defeat by it. With the announcement that The Call of the Wild will be made into a film based on Jack London's classic Yukon adventure starring Harrison Ford, we look at 10 of the best movies about taking on the Wild. Based on the true story of Christopher McCandless Emile Hirsch and his journey into the Alaskan Wilderness, Into The Wild is a searing showcase of what one man will go to in order to become one with nature. The son of wealthy parents, McCandless graduated Emory University with honors and athletic scholarships, but abandoned it all to go off the grid. With very little survival training, or basic understanding of orienting himself in the absence of a guide, he eventually wandered into regions that were inhospitable. Without proper preparations and supplies, McCandless eventually succumbed to the hostile nature of his quest.

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Monkey lives in a natural forest of Phuket Thailand. Real time shot of sea surf. Slow motion. Slow motion male hummingbird visits pink flower on rainy day. A huge herd of Asiatic elephants crossing the road in a forest of India. Large school of fish spinning underwater. Red fox, vulpes vulpes, in the wild. Wild horses in dust. Spotted Jellyfish. Swarm of honey bee flying in spring field. A bonfire burning in a forest on the shore of a lake at midnight on the Summer Solstice. Super slow motion shot of a herd of horses running in shallow water on the beacht at sunset.

Wildlife videos can take you to wonderful outdoor spaces and show you amazing sights without your leaving home.

Beautiful macaw parrot. A Red city Fox. Underwater footage of dolphins swimming in the ocean. Spotted Jellyfish. A large young female Siberian tiger Panthera tigris altaica Time Warp. Giraffes walking in a row below dramatic sunrise sky on nature Whitetail deer fawns and doe. Real time video of starlings at sunset. Most popular. Red deer mating season.

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