virginia boating license test answers

Virginia boating license test answers

Test your knowledge for free with our practice exam. Which picture represents the masthead light?

Following are the various ways that you can take a boating safety course, including classroom, home study and online. Some have an associated cost, while others are free — find the one that suits you best and make sure you are safe on the water! Once you complete the course, the course completion certificate or card that is provided by the course provider is what is required to operate a vessel. See the Class Schedule — Courses with a fee will be clearly marked in the special instructions for each class. If you are an experienced boater and have a good working knowledge of the navigation rules and Virginia boating laws, you may opt to take an question challenge exam.

Virginia boating license test answers

This site requires JavaScript. All boaters born after December 30, must have a West Virginia Boater Education Card to operate any motorized watercraft. The West Virginia boating safety course consists of 9 chapters. At the end of each chapter you can complete a question test that covers all the topics from that Chapter, in preparation for your online boating license test. Since visual aids are so important for a large number of boaters, ALL of our boating license test questions contain fully illustrated images that help explain the concept. Once the boating safety course is complete, you must answer a question boating license test which will contain test questions from all 9 chapters. Topics include:. Just like the online course, every boating license test question that cover West Virginia boating laws have been reviewed and approved by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. Remember that questions on your boating license test will closely resemble questions that you encountered in your boat license practice tests. Take your time! There's no need to rush through a test or quiz. There is no time limit when you are taking a boating license test, so be sure you read each question fully, and choose the best answer choice. Trying to rush through the test will likely cause you to miss important information.

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The nonprofit arm of BoatUS provides educational outreach to boaters and anglers with the purpose of reducing accidents and fatalities, increasing stewardship of America's waterways, and keeping boating safe for all. To that end, the Foundation offers a range of online and on-water boating safety training courses — including 36 free state courses — that can be found at BoatUS. More than , people took the free boating certification courses last year. She hears grumbling from some students, but there's only one correct answer. Can you get them right? Test your knowledge with these 10 questions most often answered incorrectly.

Mobile Friendly! Returning user? Log in here. The Virginia Boating Safety Certificate also known as the Virginia Boating License or boaters license is proof that you have met the mandatory boat safety education requirements for the State of Virginia. The Virginia Boating Safety Certificate is good for life and does not need to be renewed. The boating safety education certificate is proof that you have successfully completed a boating safety course.

Virginia boating license test answers

Question 1 I have heard that the Session of the Virginia General Assembly passed a law that will require Virginia boaters to take a boating course. Why does Virginia need this law? Answer Virginia now has over , registered motorboats including about 30, personal watercraft , and hopefully boating will continue to grow as a safe and enjoyable recreational leisure-time activity.

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You might find very similar questions on your final test. Boating safety course and boating exam accredited in USA. Which of the following does not represent a distress signal? Question 6 of It is a diving buoy that marks an area where scuba or other such diving activity is taking place. New Hampshire New Hampshire boating safety course. Kentucky Kentucky boating safety course. Information buoy. To that end, the Foundation offers a range of online and on-water boating safety training courses — including 36 free state courses — that can be found at BoatUS. A PFD becomes void if it has been repaired or altered; therefore, it is no longer usable and must be replaced and discarded. Port sidelight.

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Arizona Arizona boating safety course. Review previous tests! There may be a small fee associated with some course — be sure to read course description. Arkansas Arkansas boating safety course. Topics include: Safe boating practices Boating safety equipment Safe boat operation Navigation skills Emergency practices Boating rules and regulations West Virginia boating laws. Wisconsin Wisconsin boating safety course. Which of the following vessels is a human-powered pleasure craft? South Carolina South Carolina boating safety course. The masthead light is a white light projecting towards the front of the boat. Question 3 of

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