valuable vinyl

Valuable vinyl

Vinyl record culture has come back from near extinction to

Updated: Jan The world of valuable vinyl records is thrilling, with rare gems and fascinating stories. Supernatural Girl — Ferris Wheel. Ummagumma — Pink Floyd. Would You Believe — Billy Nicholls.

Valuable vinyl

Most vinyl lovers likely go online or head to a local record store to find their favorite albums. But what if money was no object? Prime collectibles like rare wines, antique cars, or fine art appreciate in value over time. The same goes for some of the most rare vinyl albums. In fact, the rarest vinyl records also end up as the most valued vinyl records that some collectors will pay seemingly any amount of money for. The most valuable vinyl records of all time may not be the most widely released, but for a lucky few, these records were definitely worth way more than their weight in gold. According to HMV , these are the top individual vinyl record sales of all time. As an artist who loves vinyl records , Jack White is also one of the most prolific musicians in this generation. One of the most valued vinyl records sold is also part of the biggest tragedies in musical history. If market trends are any indication, anything the Beatles released only seems to appreciate in value.

Vinyl record culture has come back from near extinction to

Vinyl sales have skyrocketed since Collectors old and young have dug up some hidden gems in all genres. Maybe you own an oddly colorful Nirvana album worth a couple thousand bucks. If you know what to look for on your next trip to the music store, you could listen to your favorite retro band and gain a fortune at the same time. These are some of the rarest, most profitable vinyl records of all time.

What are my records worth? Establishing vinyl records value is an inexact science, and there are a number of factors that go into determining whether a given record is something that will bring a lot of money from a collector or something that would best be used as a place mat. Age of the Record Who is the Artist? Promotional Issues Small Label vs. Major Label Label Variations Mono vs. Stereo vs. Click here to visit our rare records store. A good example of this would be the recordings of Elvis Presley. While his first five records for the Memphis-based Sun label sold reasonably well for their day, their sales figures were minuscule compared to those of his later releases on RCA, making the Sun versions fairly valuable.

Valuable vinyl

Vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years, and as a result, people are often searching for information about them online. One of the most popular searches, oddly enough, is for the phrase most valuable vinyl records. People know that some records are more valuable than others, and that many records are quite expensive. Click here to browse some of the rarest records we have in our store. A few other items on the list are ultra-rare pre-World War II blues 78s and ultra-rare 45 RPM singles that were released on tiny regional record labels and were quickly forgotten. This article will cover the rare and the valuable, but only record albums, and only albums that were actually commercially available. That is, these are albums that were, at least in theory, sold in stores and records to which the general public might have been able to purchase at one time or another. Keep in mind that these are prices for items that have been sold publicly. Obviously, private sales are just that, and we have no idea as to the sorts of deals that may have gone on between private collectors.

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On the first pressing of the album, side one features composer Max Steiner's film score, while side two contains the complete dialogue from the movie's climactic courtroom scene. This next recording is unique in that the artist was around 12 years old when he made it. This certainly isn't one you can expect to find in your collection, but it's worth a mention as it's the most expensive individual album ever sold, with a really strange backstory. In the vinyl record world, limited edition treasures are the equivalent of unicorns. After the songs were pressed to a single disc, the studio master tape was erased. After Trump's victory Shkreli released just the intro and one song, before reselling the album on eBay for just over a thousand bucks. Hard Rock Collectibles. In , Elvis Presley recorded his first ever song at just years-old. There were copies of the limited-edition 45rpm produced, and they came in road cases. Record Cube Record Stand. Described as 'the record that launched the Beatles' because it was recorded as demo for EMI, the test disc bears the handwriting of Beatles manager Brian Epstein and, as you can see from the label below, was recorded and pressed at none other than Oxford Street, home of our store in London's west end. Pre-Flight — Room.

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Wilson became a born-again Christian and wrote several books on masculinity and marriage as it pertained to Christianity. It sold so poorly that the band's members were forced to buy their own copies. Sentiment aside, some rare vinyls have unspeakable financial value and have sold for astronomical prices at auction. The acetate recordings were never released. The original U. He also possesses what may be the world's most valuable blues slab — the only known copy of obscure artist Reed's version of "Stack O' Lee" on the short-lived Black Patti label. Along with pre-Ringo drummer Colin Hanton and pianist John Lowe, they laid down these two tracks an original tune , plus a Buddy Holly cover in a Liverpool studio. In the book, Gladwell introduces the "10, Hour Rule" in which he theorizes if you can spend 10, hours practicing any one given thing, you are likely to become an expert at it. The seller, a South Carolina collector, acquired the record years earlier at an estate sale, but had no idea of its extreme rarity until seeing bids skyrocket on his eBay auction. However, it was ordered to be destroyed after the Chicago Democratic National Convention erupted into violent riots.

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