Total annihilation keyboard shortcuts

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Discussion in ' Planetary Annihilation General Discussion ' started by exodusesports , January 18, Planetary Annihilation. Messages: Likes Received: Planetary Annihilation has a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts and mods that add even more or replace default functionality. If you only use the mouse to control the game you are surely missing out. Did you know most top players use the keyboard constantly?

Total annihilation keyboard shortcuts

Hotkeys for the game Planetary Annihilation: Titans as of Show Menu. Login or Register. Selects units and orders. Deselect a currently selected unit or cancel a selected order. Increase units in increments of 5. Normal Build Mode. The number of units queued will decrease by one each time the factory starts building another unit. For example, once a factory with two fabbers queued starts to build a fabber it will reduce the fabber number from 2 to 1 to indicate the size of the queue remaining. Continuous build mode the factory will loop through the queued units and the numbers displayed will not change. There will not be an indication as to where in the queue it currently is. Units added to the queue before the enabling of continuous build mode are removed from the queue upon completion per normal build mode. The stop command can be used to cancel any currently building unit and to wipe the queue. When you order a group of units to move they will do so in a formation at the speed of the slowest unit.

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Need TA stuff? For maps, mods, and other extras, go to File Universe. But for units, head over to Unit Universe instead. I just started playing Escalation, and realized that the mod introduces some additional keyboard shortcuts. You can see them in game: Press F2 then select Help. I've listed them here for reference and will add to the readme file. Find More Posts by Wotan.

Total annihilation keyboard shortcuts

Controls, commands, and cheats for Total Annihilation Zero are documented below. Many of these are new or different from Total Annihilation. Use the in-game chat box to input commands and cheats. Controls Commands Cheats. Home Subscribe Forum. Screenshots Previews. TA Zero Replays. Installation Multiplayer Replayer. If all players use this command it will automatically vote in idle watchers and start the game.

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Quitch , January 19, Select All Combat Units. Random Cheat Sheet 3 Pages. Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, developers and tags. Energy Off. It is only visible to you. On that page, it tells you where to go in the Registry to find the specific entry, called "Scancode Map". Personal tools. I don't have TA installed here, so I can't check to be sure. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. But there was so much to fix!! Browse all games. Build Once. TBA Owned Free. This can be the unit itself or another unit on the map, and that unit is indicated in the space next to its status.

Need TA stuff? For maps, mods, and other extras, go to File Universe.

Posting Rules. About Cheatography Cheatography is a collection of cheat sheets and quick references in 25 languages for everything from language to travel! I'm playing TA on my laptop. Languages: English. While these units are AA only, they have very powerful and bugged weapons set them to guard any ground unit in a battle, if that unit is hit, these AA units will turn their cannons on the attacker. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. My keyboard doesn't have a pause button, nor a scroll lock button, but just print screen. Owned Free. Edit 2: Success! See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals relevant to you. See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals relevant to you. Use a CTRL-click to have units break formation and move as fast as they can. Posted March 09, Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Target locking is the stopping of the "waiting" unit from firing - very useful for capture only missions, and flying commanders into hostile areas.

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