topmarks place value

Topmarks place value

Help the birds defend their eggs from the evil robots by answering the maths questions correctly.

Click to play the game and defend Mathematica. To enable these new features we unfortunately needed to wipe your previous character and progress data. Choose a character, then add, subtract, divide and multiply your way to victory in this fun maths game. If you're feeling really brave, test your maths abilities in the Battle for Mathematica. Are you ready to take on the Times Table trials?

Topmarks place value


Tommy's Topmarks place value - Times Tables? For more measuring and time resources click here. Lots of choice of level, including: adding 1 hour, multiples of 5, or 10 minutes or adding multiples of a quarter of an hour.


We use place value headings, like ones , tens , hundreds and thousands to help us understand the value of each digit. Place value helps us work out the value of a digit depending on its place or position in a number. Now we've got hundreds, tens and ones all on board let's jump forward to the thousands, which are even bigger again! Maths game - Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica. Use your times tables and more maths skills to defeat monsters and reclaim the Kingdom of Mathematica. What are negative numbers? Numbers to in numerals and words. Represent numbers to Jump to. What are place value headings?

Topmarks place value

This version is tablet friendly and can be played directly on any device. Drag the flag to the correct position on a number line. Lots of choice over level, including whole numbers, negative number and decimals. Can be used to teach place value, approximation skills, and reading varying scales. Choose one type of number line or for more of a challenge you can select several. Work quickly to get more time, build your score and climb up the leaderboard.

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Having problems on an iPad? Birds v Robots - Maths Battle? Gain achievements for fighting battles, defeating enemies and unlocking armour. Parachute Number Line? Snowball Smash? Answer the multiplication questions quickly and accurately and you will find it much easier to aim your bowling ball at the pins. Provides lots of opportunity to reason about shape and position. Defend the Earth from an alien invasion using your knowledge of angles. Archery Arithmetic - Multiplication? This game is tablet friendly and will work on any device. Choose to find coordinates in the first quadrant, or all four quadrants. A full list of levels is below. Using a Calendar?

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Sort triangles - scalene, equilateral and isosceles. Who can score the most points in your class? Telling the Time in Words? Updated December - this is a new version that will work on a tablet or computer. Play on your own or against a partner. Sorting 2D shapes on a Venn diagram? Choose one or more times tables to play. Parachute Number Line? Lots of choice of level, including: subtracting 1 hour, multiples of 5, or 10 minutes or subtracting multiples of a quarter of an hour. Put your times table knowledge to the test by answering questions against the clock. Work quickly to get more time, build your score and climb up the leaderboard. Provides lots of opportunity to reason about shape and position. Answer word problems using a calendar. Maths Choppity Chop? Face the golden dragon for the chance to win golden weapons for your character.

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