toja grid home depot

Toja grid home depot

We had a few reasons for choosing a modern pergola for the patio.

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Toja grid home depot

Hey guys! I am so excited to share this project with you. My friend had always envisioned his outdoor space as a cozy outdoor retreat with some sort of shade structure, a sitting area and lush with vegetation. Well, he had the lush vegetation down. His backyard was beautifully green, filled with all sorts of flowers blooming and edible plants like grapes and herbs. However as for the shade and sitting arrangement…that could use a lot of work. When my good friend, Phillip, asked me for help, his backyard patio was gray and dismal. I wish I had pictures of the plastic lawn chairs that he originally had along with the table. But the patio pavers were all uneven and worn. He needed help, to say the least. Or at least some help getting started. So I came up with a plan and this is what we did in the middle of a heat wave in the Northeast. We started by leveling the old sunken patio pavers. This was a task in itself because these pavers were so heavy and the days were soo hot.

I was already this far, so I decided to push on. So we ordered 2 extender pieces.

Halfway point and somehow I ended up just about where I was hoping to be despite a few days being down with a sickness, an unexpectedly busy work schedule, and more than a few DIY obstacles that I was not expecting. All opinions and experiences are my own. What really drew me to giving one of their pergola kits a try was the customization capabilities. Their kits include all of the hardware that you need and you just supply the wood in whatever size you need for your space. The basic structure went together in under an hour — first with me building the top and then enlisting help from my husband and brother to add the legs and anchor it into the ground. The metal brackets have already proved to be extremely durable, which I know because…….

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Toja grid home depot

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Thank you so much! Like Loading Simpson Strong Tie as makes some nice, very high quality brackets that can be used to build your own pergola in any shape. The sail, once properly adjusted, stays in place without flopping about. Sometimes I plan out my One Room Challenge projects for years and go after my carefully laid out to do list week […]. If you have any questions, comment below, send us an email, or find us on Twitter or Facebook links on the right for. A few notes : -I didn't take photos of every step badblogger but tried to describe them as best Joe could. Thank you! Thu Feb 29 Only. Next Last. After letting it dry it out makes a huge difference. We started chatting about it and planning all the way back in August so i Email Required Name Required Website.

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You have your own boutique hotel lounge now. First, you have some decisions to make. To tell the truth I thought it was mislabeled. We did love this one and this one though so if you're not up for DIY, you might want to check them out! In fact, it took us nearly 3 hours to assemble the pergola because the 4x4s did not slide into the brackets with ease. I never heard back from customer service about the issues with my first kit, but I did happen upon a second identical kit that I had the opportunity to compare. Besides the base you found, Simpson also makes corner brackets that would work. So we ordered 2 extender pieces. My review:. Or you can buy parts separately. I so admire those who do: like you. I am excited I found your blog. Thank you!

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