Thursday boots review

Residual insecurities from middle school when I was taller than all the boys, I guess. The problem, though, is that I never learned to walk in heels, and now anything even remotely stiletto-adjacent has me stumbling around like a baby deer. Learning to thursday boots review new things when you are old is hard. Also, thursday boots review, comfort is still my number one priority for what I wear on my feet, so when it came to upping my height, I went almost exclusively for platforms.

This is a detailed, hands-on review of the Thursday Boots Captain , an entry-level dress-work boot for men. I was never into boots , and my familiarity with brands only extended vaguely into Doc Martens and Timbs. Come to think of it, I never really paid attention much to my footwear. Aesthetics were secondary to fit and comfort; I was usually content to rotate through my pairs of Chuck Taylors and leave it at that. Now I just needed to choose the right pair for my budget, so I did what anyone would do: I turned to the internet…. After doing some research online, I realized that there were many brands to choose from, at many different price points. I scoured the net and found out there were different boot tiers in terms of price, but not necessarily quality.

Thursday boots review

Last updated: October 9th, These are the key takeaways from my Thursday Boots review:. From first wear, I was in love with the simple yet classic look of black Chelsea boots. Suddenly, my usual comfortable travel wear like my go-to black leggings looked stylish when I wore them with my Chelsea boots. All of the pairs I came across were either too shiny, had a weird ankle cut, or were too stiff and uncomfortable. But in my search, I eventually came across Thursday Boots and I was intrigued. Their Duchess boot matched everything I was looking for. So, I purchased a pair for myself for Christmas and I was delighted when I put them on for the first time and found they not only looked as stylish as my old boots but were just as comfortable. Note: I bought my pair of Thursday Boots myself and this post is in no way sponsored by the company. With that said, this post does contain affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free advice and tips.

The Chelsea style I bought is made from full-grain leather, glove leather interior, elastic goring, antimicrobial shock-absorbing insole, and studded rubber outsoles.


Thursday Boots is a New York-based company selling high-quality handcrafted boots and shoes. The brand created a clean and unique design for all their products, always using premium materials. Thursday Boots recognizes that everyone has busy lives, and we need the right shoes and products to help us accomplish each day with comfort 1. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need. CEOs Conner Wilson and Nolan Walsh founded Thursday Boots in , displeased with the options of boots and shoes that other companies were selling to consumers. They wanted to introduce a brand that gave fair prices and high-end, lasting materials for their customers to wear. Thursday Boots has a goal to create ethically built products that they trust, so they know their customers can too. The brand recognizes the crucial role that the environment plays in how we live. Thursday Boots strives to improve how they produce their footwear and what materials are used in the creation process.

Thursday boots review

Thursday Boots burst onto the boot scene in with a mission to provide high-quality, comfortable boots at an affordable price point. From sizing and construction to customer reviews and comparisons, consider this your guide to finding your perfect pair of Thursday Boots. The brand is based in New York City but sources premium leathers from tanneries around the world and handcrafts each pair at its production facilities in Mexico, Portugal, Spain and the US. The company utilizes a direct-to-consumer model which allows them to cut out the middleman and pass significant cost savings down to the customer. As they state on their website: "We price our products fairly and honestly, not artificially inflated to accommodate for discounts and promos. This lean business approach, combined with premium materials and skilled craftsmanship, has earned Thursday Boots an excellent reputation for quality and value in the world of boots. Thursday Boots stand out from the competition with their meticulous attention to materials and construction methods. This enables them to produce durable and comfortable boots designed to last for years. By sourcing leathers globally from the best tanneries, Thursday is able to carefully select each hide for quality, texture and color consistency. All Thursday Boots feature Goodyear welt construction.

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Yes, Thursday Boots are comfy , and most people experience an easy break-in period compared to other boot brands. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. The only other area that sometimes feels a little stiff and that will hopefully break in more as I continue wearing them is the toe box. I got a lot of variable answers and feedback regarding sizing and learned that the break-in period was pretty challenging. Chukka style, versatile Read Review. Because Thursday Boot Co. Search for:. No spam. When college friends Connor Wilson and Nolan Walsh founded Thursday Boot Company in , they based it on the premise that high quality boots are just too dang expensive. I like that too. Besides the suede styles, most Thursday Boot styles are water-resistant since they use Thursday chrome leather. This was disappointing after only two months of wear, but I contacted their customer service team and got it sorted within a few days more on that below. The boots are also made with full-grain leather upper, a glove leather interior, shock-absorbing insoles, cork bed midsoles, elastic goring, and studded rubber outsoles. And my Chelsea Thursday Boots are no exception. Now she lives in Brooklyn where she may or may not be thinking about writing a book.


The Thursday Captain Boot is probably the most popular style, along with the President. Subscribe Now. So, are there ever any Thursday Boots discount codes? One aspect that I especially like about Thursday Boot Co. I eventually came across Thursday Boot Co. Aesthetics were secondary to fit and comfort; I was usually content to rotate through my pairs of Chuck Taylors and leave it at that. She was born in Texas and raised in Massachusetts but spent some highly formative years in Atlanta and Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are a lot of other Thursday Boot styles than just the Duchess , here are a few more of the most popular styles to choose from. This boot style is a classic one that reminds me of late s fashion talk about never going out of style. You Might Also Like. The problem, though, is that I never learned to walk in heels, and now anything even remotely stiletto-adjacent has me stumbling around like a baby deer. This means they can withstand rain and puddles but not submersion or trekking through the snow. Thursday Boot Co. The boots, much to my excitement, looked as advertised on the website.

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