Thor love and thunder after credits var mı

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Quantumania is an important entry in the MCU as it marks the beginning of Phase 5. It's the first step toward the Avengers facing the Kang Dynasty, and it shows just how much the general public have turned the heroes of the world into celebrities. Of course, as with every Marvel project, audiences may be wondering what comes after the credits, but does Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania have a post-credits scene? While it may not reach the heights of the multiple post-credits scenes featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. One of these hits the standard Marvel timing of appearing right after the main credits and title reveal, while the other appears at the very end of the credits. Both scenes are significant teasers that hint at the future of Marvel's newest villain. These post-credits scenes are likely to pay off later , so for anyone curious, keep reading to find out what happens in each post-credits scene.

Thor love and thunder after credits var mı

It's a Marvel movie, so you know that, no matter how big of a soda you drank, you'll have to hold off on that pee break for another ten minutes or so to make it through to the post-credit scenes. The question is, how many post-credit scenes are there in the new Thor: Love and Thunder? The good news is that Thor: Love and Thunder may be the shortest recent Marvel film , clocking in at just under two hours long, so you won't have to hold it for an interminably long time. However, we still recommend that you maybe opt for the smaller drink size because you will not want to miss what comes after the credits of Thor: Love and Thunder. Sometimes, what is teased after the credits can be just as highly anticipated as the movie itself. Do you think anyone predicted seeing Harry Styles at the end of Eternals? All bets are off when those credits start to roll, you definitely won't be disappointed when you see Thor: Love and Thunder. Thor: Love and Thunder has two post-credit scenes. The first is after the first bit of "main" credits: the director, the writer, the producers, the stars, etc. Then you get what is often called the mid-credits scene. Next come the full credits, which lists everyone who worked on the film, from the production accountant to the hundreds of hardworking VFX artists.

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One of the most interesting aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is how it revamped the idea of post-credits scenes. It brought the fad back to the point that many modern movie fans think Marvel Studios started the trend. Well, as expected, Thor: Love and Thunder has a couple of stingers in the wake of Chris Hemsworth's Odinson and his allies emerging victorious over Christian Bale's Gorr. Both tease intriguing futures to come for key folks who defended New Asgard, so let's break down what these sequences entail. They stole his Thunder Bolt and left him badly wounded, but the mid-credits had Zeus recovering with his maidens. Zeus was upset people stopped believing in gods and felt even Thor made a mockery of him. It's why, inside his dark chambers, he told a mysterious person in the shadows to avenge him. In the comics, while Hercules and Thor have worked together in The Avengers, they've also run into conflict at times. Thus, it remains to be seen if Hercules will use other Greek gods as part of this kill mission or if he'll roll solo.

Thor love and thunder after credits var mı

This article contains Thor: Love and Thunder spoilers. From wandering across the stars with the Guardians of the Galaxy to coming face to face with Eternity, the embodiment of the MCU itself, Thor found his new purpose in the most unlikely of places. Ad — content continues below.

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The Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scenes are unmissable. And now that the movie is on Disney Plus, we can pause, rewatch, and break down every moment of these epic final twists. Taika Waititi's Thor 4 has two extra scenes at the end of the movie that could shake up the MCU's future.

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