tattoos mythology

Tattoos mythology

Greek mythologies tattoos are all about symbolism and meaning.

Greek culture has influenced almost all facets of western culture, our architecture, our politics, our philosophy, and more. Arguably the biggest impact from Greek culture is their mythologies, their stories, and their heroes, inspire us, help us, and teach us. That is why we made our list of the 10 Best Greek Mythology Tattoos, so you can find the perfect Greek Mythology tattoo for yourself. Whether you like the heroes or monsters, gods or goddesses, or something in between, we have a mythology tattoo for everyone. So put on your sandals, praise the gods, and begin your odyssey as you enjoy our list of the 10 Best Greek Mythology Tattoos….

Tattoos mythology

Or you may have already gone ahead with it! Zeus is the god of thunder and the sky who rules Mount Olympus. A post shared by Maciej Smuczynski superinkmantattoo. Aphrodite Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion and procreation. A post shared by eilotattoo eilotattoo. A post shared by World of Neotrad worldofneotrad. Athena Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare. A post shared by EunB tattooeunb. Apollo Apollo is the god of archery, music and dance, truth, healing, the Sun, poetry and more. A post shared by e r d e m d e n k l i erdemdenkli. A post shared by EunB eunb. Artemis Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the moon and chastity. A post shared by inkandi. A post shared by Eron Freitas eron.

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Tattoos are more than just skin deep - they're often profound expressions of the individual, their beliefs, experiences, and interests. Among the myriad themes that have captured the hearts and skin of ink enthusiasts worldwide, mythology holds a special place. This ancient form of storytelling, which features gods, goddesses, heroes, and creatures, offers a treasure trove of symbols, characters, and narratives that can be masterfully depicted through the medium of tattooing. This article explores the fascinating intersection of tattoo ink and mythology, delving into how legends and folklore are brought to life on human canvases. Tattoo artistry, much like any other form of art, is a vehicle for expression. Its unique permanence adds a layer of commitment and conviction to its symbolism, intensifying the bond between the tattoo wearer and the chosen design.

Getting a tattoo is now more popular than ever before. Ancient Greek mythology is the perfect inspiration for tattoos as it is full of breathtaking stories that have special meaning. All the symbolism that revolves around ancient Greek gods can be a good start for you to come up with a unique tattoo idea. This article is all about symbolic tattoos. Enjoy reading! Hermes is the god of communication, transportation, and trade. He has the power to bring messages between gods and humans, but he cannot be held within boundaries because his soul allows him too much freedom. Hermes was also responsible for taking souls to their final resting place. The most well-known tattoos associated with him are those that have wings because he represents the restless nature of people who want nothing more than freedom from this world.

Tattoos mythology

We are going to get into the history of tattoos in Greek culture, the many styles of Greek mythology tattoos, what each deity means as a tattoo, and all of the designs you could imagine. Greek mythology is still important to this day because of the stories they once told about Hercules, Aphrodite, and others, as well as the legends and lessons held as a part of many of our own cultures today. Getting a Greek mythology tattoo represents stories that were told for generations and marks important figures in a literary culture that many people study today in school as a child and teenager all the way up to the college level. Though the history of tattoos in Greece is not a positive one, we can still celebrate their culture with a detailed tattoo of a mythological being with great meaning and significance to Western culture. Most often a portrait-style image of deities, Greek mythology tattoos either simply represent that deity and all that comes with them, or they use background imagery to represent a famous mythological story. At first considered something only barbarians do, later on even Plato thought someone who carries off with something should be marked with a tattoo. These tattoo markings were placed on the hand or face to show to everyone in society that the person was banned which would be considered unfair law at best today. Did other people in ancient Greece get tattoos? The answer is yes: vassals who were freed in Greece were also often marked on the face to show to society that they were once a servant. Therefore, in ancient Greece, it is safe to say that no one wanted a tattoo, but rather it was forced upon them as regulation.

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Mythologies as Sources of Inspiration Different mythologies from around the world - Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Hindu, Japanese, or Native American, to name a few - have found their way into the world of tattoos. Atlas was the Titan punished by Zeus and condemned to bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. Their focus on strength, wisdom, justice, and courage, means that not only do they look cool, they also have great meaning behind them. For instance: Zeus : As the king of the gods, Zeus often symbolizes leadership, power, and authority. Even when their characters are being exploited by Hollywood producers To stick with a more minimalist design, consider outline pieces , subtle placement, or micro ink. In the depths of Inknation Studio they reside, Renowned artists, with passion unconfined. A post shared by Vinicius Scalfone Tattoo viniciuscalfone. Updated: Feb. Click here to check out more Myth tattoo ideas. You can either choose a portrait style or have a specific Greek mythological story-telling design. Poseidon Poseidon is the god of the sea and storms.

In this blog post, we delve into the rich tapestry of mythology tattoos, tracing their origins, their evolution, and the underlying meanings that make them so enduringly popular.

Greek Mythology Tattoos and Meanings Greek culture has influenced almost all facets of western culture, our architecture, our politics, our philosophy, and more. Tattoo done by Rony. While there are hundreds of topics within the Greek mythology realm you could choose to get transformed into an ink design, Sedwick says her clients tend to gravitate toward Greek temples and gods and goddesses like Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Poseidon, and, of course, Zeus. Follow me on: Instagram Facebook inknationstudio. Her Roman equivalent is Ceres and she presides over the cycles of life and death. Recovery Sterile Saline Wash 7. Medusa is one of the most popular Greek mythological figures — for good reason. Hercules Hercules is the son of Zeus and is best known for his impressive strength. Truly Painless February 21, Tattoo done by Rony 2: Apollo Tattoo The epic struggle between Gods and monsters is displayed great in this Greek mythology tattoo of Apollo fighting Python. He was known for his many adventures in mythology, notably his 12 labours.

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