Straight talk mobile hotspot reviews

Our promise. We provide a buying advantage with verified reviews and unbiased editorial research. Straight Talk is a no-contract phone plan that shares networks with four major cellphone service providers.

Straight Talk , a prepaid subsidiary owned by Verizon under their Tracfone brand, quietly introduced a new mobile hotspot plan recently. It is also available for tablets. The plan can be used with hotspot devices or tablets, but each device type has different terms. With tablets, you can bring your own device. For hotspots, Straight Talk states the SIM card cannot be used in other hotspots or data devices like a cellular router, and Straight Talk hotspot devices also cannot be used with other data plans. The terms of service also specify that it is intended for use with just one connected device at a time and that "performance will be reduced if multiple devices access data through the Hotspot simultaneously.

Straight talk mobile hotspot reviews

Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage your listing. Straight Talk Wireless has a rating of 1. Reviewers complaining about Straight Talk Wireless most frequently mention customer service, new phone, and sim card problems. Straight Talk Wireless ranks th among Mobile Carriers sites. I have been with Straight Talk for about 20 years and lived their service until recently when overnight my phone wouldn't make any calls I had the internet and could receive calls and send and receive text messages. This had gone on for about 5 days. I had called and spoke with 5 reps and 2 supervisors and none of them helped me fix the problem. Finally I told myself that I would try one more time and if it couldn't be resolved I would switch companies. I called and was connected with Angela, I think and explained to her my situation and that I had performed all of the tests that they had so I didn't have much faith, even after her reassuring me that she would help me fix it. And she began directing me in a way none of the other reps had and within 5 minutes, my phone was working again. All it was, was that I didn't have my WiFi calling on. I love using Straight Talk and am so grateful to this reps for fixing the problem. My only complaint is that all of the others that tried to help me prior to Angela should've known how to do this as well. I hope that they train all of their reps to be able to have the same knowledge as her.

Cannot solve problems and do not escalate to someone who can. I just had it activated.


Quick answer: Mobile hotspots are a quick and easy way to gain access to the Internet. When it comes to mobile hotspot service, you select and pay for your plan just like you would for any Straight Talk mobile service plan. So, once you have the hotspot set up, you can tether a variety of devices to it, from smartphones and tablets to computers, for convenient access to the World Wide Web wherever the hotspot receives coverage — simple as that. Designed to connect with up to 10 laptops, smartphones, or tablets, this hotspot — which fits in your pocket — features 4G LTE connectivity in order to provide you with the best speeds and reliability available. Straight Talk offers affordable and contract-free hotspot plans. Much like our prepaid mobile phone service, our hotspot plans are affordable and contract-free — just pick an option that suits your usage expectations and get surfing. All About Mobile Hotspots October 19, Learn about how mobile hotspots work and the options available through Straight Talk. How hotspots work When it comes to mobile hotspot service, you select and pay for your plan just like you would for any Straight Talk mobile service plan.

Straight talk mobile hotspot reviews

The quick list 2. The best overall 3. Best for 5G connectivity 5. Best for T-Mobile 6. Best for travelers 7. Also consider 8. What to consider 8. How we choose. Turn to one of the best mobile hotspots when you need to stay connected even when Wi-Fi is spotty or non-existent. Take a hotspot with you when you hit the road for work or travel for pleasure, and a solid connection to your cellular network of choice is usually a click or two away.

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I bought the router and service card after checking my aria was covered. Follow Alicia L. They call back when they are supposed to and unable to resolve issues. We are not sponsored, we don't have 3rd party advertising and we don't sell gear or plans. My husband bought me a new phone because I can't use this one and I'm not receiving any support and realized I have autopay. Order a phone 2-day shipping paid extra , after 2 days doesn't ship at all, phone is out of stock and doesn't notify anyone of it I just had it activated. The only reason I gave a star is there is no way to write a review with no stars. Follow Alley G. I've traveled over most of the US and like all cell service there are holes in the coverage map. Or don't take my call seriously. No reason why it stops working, right? I never stream or watch vids on my phone so my data use is low. Follow Jim C. Each month, usually a week or so before time to renew my plan, the hotspot stops working and will not turn on.


Jeff B. Can't they just leave things alone, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Activated the phone. In summary, if you need a hotspot even for minimal use for more than 2 weeks, don't try this crap of a service. Technology Best Prepaid Phones. Products used: Waiting to see if they can fix my Brand New straight talk phone. I bought another new cell from straight talk. First of all, I can't even tell you how many times I've called and no one can seem to verify me and ever help me. I used the customer service activation. By this time I have put off calling and have already paid for the next month of service so I can keep receiving calls and texts messages. Straight talk has zero ethics. My auto-refill should have been You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter!

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