stitches tv show

Stitches tv show

They're trained in creating high-quality parenting advice based on best practices in child development. Read more about how we rate and review, stitches tv show. Parents need to know that Stitchers is a sci-fi drama about a young woman who investigates crimes by "stitching" into the minds of others.

In every high-style-meets-high-stakes episode, four competitors face off in dramatically themed challenges with one designer eliminated each round. Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Episode guide.

Stitches tv show

Stitchers is an American science fiction crime drama television series created by Jeffrey Alan Schechter. Stitchers follows Kirsten Clark, who has been recruited into a government agency to be "stitched" into the memories of people recently deceased to investigate murders and mysteries that otherwise would have gone unsolved. Cameron Goodkin, a brilliant neuroscientist, assists Kirsten in the secret program headed by Maggie Baptiste, a skilled covert operator. The program also includes Linus Ahluwalia, a bioelectrical engineer and communications technician. Camille, Kirsten's roommate and a computer science grad student, is also recruited to assist Kirsten as a "stitcher". Stitchers ran for three seasons. The first season was presented as a miniseries of eleven ten plus one episodes, which aired weekly from June 2, to August 4, for the first ten, plus a Halloween special "When Darkness Falls" on October 20, On September 15, , Freeform canceled the series after three seasons. The site's critical consensus for Season 1 reads, "Confusing and tonally inconsistent, Stitchers is neither campy enough to be fun nor intelligent enough to be compelling. Contents move to sidebar hide. Article Talk.

Cameron is successfully revived from the stitch, stitches tv show, with Kirsten now knowing that he has romantic feelings for her, after accessing his memories. Sadly, it appears Stitchers won't be returning for another season.

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Sign In. Edit Stitchers — Series Directed by Steve Miner Miller Tobin Kirsten Clark 31 episodes, Kyle Harris Cameron Goodkin 31 episodes, Ritesh Rajan Linus Ahluwalia 31 episodes, Salli Richardson-Whitfield Maggie Baptiste 31 episodes, Allison Scagliotti Detective Quincy Fisher 29 episodes, Sola Bamis

Stitches tv show

By providing your information, you agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. We use vendors that may also process your information to help provide our services. But after a heartbreaking conversation between the former? What was your reaction when you read in the script that Kirsten has amnesia — or at least we thought she did? Originally, that ending was not in the script. The episode was supposed to end with Cameron leaving and Kirsten just sitting there, not remembering anything. That was the one-two punch I think we were missing. When [Jeff] came up with that idea, it blew all of our minds. Who is she talking to? What does this mean?

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Jack Turner Liam Granger. It is revealed that Daniel Stinger has the fifth and final quantum computer which allowed him to hijack Kirsten's consciousness; he had been the anomaly all along. Fisher: And how do you know this? Home New Popular Lists Sports guide. Cameron: Maybe. Chelsea Vincent Chelsea …. Categories : Lists of American crime drama television series episodes Lists of American science fiction television series episodes. Recently viewed. May 24, Kirsten learns from Maggie about the other part of the photograph revealing that Maggie knew Kirsten's mother and uncle.

Stitchers is an American science fiction crime drama series created by Jeffrey Alan Schechter. Cameron Kyle Harris , a brilliant neuroscientist, assists Kirsten in the secret program headed by Maggie Salli Richardson-Whitfield , a skilled covert operator. The program also includes Linus Ritesh Rajan a bioelectrical engineer and communications technician.

Sociopathic Hero : Kirsten. The first season finale, however, reveals that the Stitchers program had always been centered around Kirsten, since its prototype was used by her father as an attempt to help his wife regain consciousness. Missing Mom : Kirsten barely remembers her mother and apparently she wasn't around when her dad took off. A young woman, Lisa Keller, dies from an overdose. Retrieved June 18, Whilst in a stitch Cameron's younger self, the anomaly takes Kirsten to a memory that originated in herself. Archived from the original on July 12, Archived from the original on June 4, Fisher becomes close with the pop star's bodyguard to figure out what led to her death. Tools Tools. Fisher reunites with his estranged wife, Stephanie. Filters Best Price. Have you seen other shows or movies in which one character is able to step into the shoes of another through imaginary scientific or supernatural means? It's called "stitching. Language "Dammit," "smartass," "th.

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