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Starship entertainment

This is a list of singles and albums released under Starship Entertainment. The entertainment company is home to prominent artists such as K. Starship entertainment move to sidebar hide. Article Talk.

The purpose of these articles is to determine how well K-pop agencies are serving their artists and fans. Starship has been smart in delivering an all-killer, no-filler debut year for them. WJSN had a very successful run on season two of Queendom. Being part of the show was a risk, but it paid off. Starship continued to nurture the quirky sub-unit Chocome as well with a fun release at the start of the year. Monsta X was less active as a group, but the agency successfully launched a solo career for member Kihyun , who wisely leveraged his strengths with a rock-influenced sound that differed from his group work. And speaking of ex Monsta X soloists, Wonho continued churning out hits under Starship subsidiary Highline Entertainment which merged with the company in July.

Starship entertainment

It is also called one of the "five major agencies" in the pop music world, with SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment leading the way. It has been recognized for its contributions to the Hallyu Wave , being home to several prominent K-pop groups and soloists. It also manages actors under King Kong by Starship. Starship's first artist was ex-Big Hit singer K. Will , who released his first single "Love " for the label in In , Starship launched its first subsidiary label "Starship X", with rapper Mad Clown being its first signed artist. Mercy , [15] with the seven winners of the show, debuted in , and promoted as a hip hop boy group. In April , Starship signed a mutual management contract with the Chinese label Yuehua Entertainment. In January , Starship and King Kong registered their merger. The agencies mutually agreed to use the name of Starship Entertainment, while the division that manages the actors would operate under the label "King Kong by Starship". In , Starship launched another subsidiary label House of Music , which focused was on recruiting smaller, independent artists, with MoonMoon being the first artist signed under the label. In May , its first boy group Boyfriend disbanded. It was established in , which has an accumulated experience in producing live entertainment in various fields including musicals, concerts, plays, showcases, children's performances, exhibitions, and fan meetings. Monsta X and Wonho were the first two artists involved in the partnership, securing both a global distribution deal and expansion.

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SpaceX will attempt to send the massive Starship rocket to orbit for the third time early Thursday morning after U. The company is aiming to complete the launch within a minute window that opens at a. SpaceX has conducted two test flights of the foot-tall rocket so far. The first took place last April , and ended with both the upper stage which is also called Starship and the Super Heavy booster exploding mid-air. The company made considerable progress during the second orbital test flight, though it too eventually ended in the destruction of the vehicle. These events are considered anomalies — a polite industry term that includes everything from minor component failures to, in the case of the Starship launches, spectacular explosions. Anytime an anomaly occurs during a rocket launch, the Federal Aviation Administration steps in to oversee a company-run investigation. The investigation into the second Starship launch closed last month, so the only thing left was for the regulator to issue a launch license for the test flight. SpaceX implemented a number of hardware changes and upgrades as part of that investigation, and as part of its more general approach to iterative hardware design. This test raises the stakes in a few different ways.

Starship entertainment

SpaceX's huge Super Heavy-Starship rocket, the most powerful ever built, blasted off on its third test flight Thursday morning, successfully boosting the unpiloted upper stage into space. While both stages broke apart during separate descents to ocean splashdowns, company officials hailed the flight as a major step forward. Spectacular live video from a camera mounted on one of the Starship's fins showed the red glow of re-entry heating as the spacecraft fell back into the lower atmosphere, growing more and more intense until the Starship was engulfed in a brilliant fireball. Insulation tiles on its belly experienced temperatures higher than 2, degrees. Telemetry stopped flowing at an altitude of about 40 miles, indicating the Starship broke up before it was able to carry out a rocket-powered descent to a destructive splashdown in the Indian Ocean.

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In May , its first boy group Boyfriend disbanded. Archived from the original on January 1, Retrieved August 8, Monsta X had an excellent concert, a good album and a few solid solo releases. Edaily in Korean. OSEN in Korean. I am also curious to see what happens with Monsta X in the coming year. In the same announcement, it was also stated that Luda and Dawon chose not to renew their contracts, but did not specify whether they will remain in the group. Archived from the original on April 15, Sequence [48]. Album title 'Light']. This is a list of singles and albums released under Starship Entertainment.

It is also called one of the "five major agencies" in the pop music world, with SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment leading the way.

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