Space jam characters 1996

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Smith directing the animation. A fictional account of Michael's first retirement from the N. It plays out as an alternate story of Michael's initial return to basketball, this time with him being inspired by Bugs Bunny and others. Space Jam was a box office success, opening at 1 in the U. It is also the highest-grossing film produced by Warner Bros.

Space jam characters 1996

Space Jam is a nostalgic children's movie for a lot of people who grew up watching and rewatching the movie about one of their favorite basketball players, Michael Jordan, helping the Looney Tunes fend off some evil aliens by winning a basketball game. There were several characters in the movie from alien antagonists to actors and athletes portraying fictionalized versions of themselves and of course the iconic Looney Tunes characters. All the characters have varying ranges of likability from heroes the audience roots for to villains the audience is meant to hate. Swackhammer, voiced by Danny DeVito , is the obvious villain of the story and the least likable character that appears in the movie. Swackhammer is greedy and treats his employees terribly, the same ones who eventually turn into The Monstars and play the Tune Squad. His amusement park is failing so he hatches an evil scheme to force the Looney Tunes to be popular attractions at his park. The Monstars is a team of aliens controlled by Swackhammer and stole their strength and skill from professional basketball players as a way to almost ensure their victory over the Tune Squad. Although The Monstars are the main antagonists of the movie, they're redeemable characters at the end when they realize they can stand up to the more villainous Swackhammer. They become friends with the Looney Tunes and agree to give the basketball players their skills back. The Monstars stole their basketball skills and they were all left in an awkward position in not being able to adequately play basketball. They don't appear for much of the movie, but they all have a fun cameo and moment with Michael Jordan where they all play a fun game together after getting their skills back. Former basketball player Larry Bird has more of a featured role in the movie as a supportive friend to Michael Jordan who also interacts with Bill Murray throughout the movie as well. He has a more prominent role than the other basketball players, but he doesn't do as much as Bill Murray or Michael Jordan. Still, he's a friendly and likable presence whether on the golf course or watching a basketball game. Stan is a nervous and anxious character who is constantly worried about Michael Jordan, his well-being, and his career.

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Basketball's Michael Jordan teams up with Bugs Bunny in this blend of animation and live action about aliens plotting to kidnap Bugs for their failing theme park, Moron Mountain. Close Ad. New This Month. New Netflix Shows and Movies in February. New Hulu Shows and Movies in February

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan. Wayne Knight Stan Podolak. Theresa Randle Juanita Jordan. Manner Washington Jeffery Jordan. Eric Gordon Marcus Jordan. Penny Bae Bridges Jasmine Jordan. Bill Murray Bill Murray. Thom Barry James Jordan. Charles Barkley Charles Barkley. Patrick Ewing Patrick Ewing.

Space jam characters 1996

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Archived from the original on July 22, Retrieved April 4, Archived from the original on February 25, Muggsy Bogues as Muggsy Bogues. Director Joe Pytka. CGI character animator Roger Kupelian July 22, Reitman, serious about the voice actors for the established Looney Tunes characters being far better than their original voice actor, Mel Blanc , and not just replications, was very involved in the voice casting. What movies feature games of wacky basketball? Retrieved May 3, Ahmad Rashad. Holiday Haunt unreleased. Cheryl James. Alonzo Mourning. As the game resumes, the Monstars, under orders from Swackhammer, begin playing even dirtier than before.

Smith directing the animation. The film was released theatrically 15 November by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment.

Earl Hibbert. Michael doesn't soar enough. You may accept or manage your choices by clicking below, including your right to object where legitimate interest is used, or at any time in the privacy policy page. Develop and improve services. Player 1 Steven Shenbaum These choices will be signaled to our partners and will not affect browsing data. New Looney Tunes — Roger Ebert was among the few major critics to give Space Jam an enthusiastic "thumbs up. Michael Jordan Wayne Knight Mortal Kombat Legends: Cage Match.

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