This website is a total sham. Any positive reviews must have been written by the company itself. I booked a trip from Hawaii to Vietnam four months in advance, smartfares. Two days smartfares I was supposed to smartfares, I noticed with no help from SmartFares that one of my connecting flights had changed and the connection could not be made.

SmartFares has a rating of 4. Reviewers satisfied with SmartFares most frequently mention good experience, easy process, and confirmation email. SmartFares ranks 2nd among Travel Other sites. Proactively asks for customer feedback. This company responds to reviews on average within 2 days. While reading all the negative reviews online I was hesitant to use them at first.



I didn't get confirmation email upon the smartfares. AviaGuru - AviaGuru. Otherwise I am satisfied with the service.


My Reservation is the place where you can access your important travel related information. To get up-to-date flight information or to get a copy of your itinerary, please complete the above form. Reservation Code — Please type your Reservation Code in the field provided. The Reservation Code is the 6 character code that you receive when you complete your booking request through the website. You should receive this Reservation Code either as an email confirmation when you complete your reservation or as a printed copy of the notification Screen. If you do not have your Reservation Code, you either provided us the wrong email address or you do not have a booking with us.


Exploring is an utmost pleasure for frequent voyagers and it is a feeling that cannot be described into words. However, traveling was not at all easy on pockets in early days, but now things have changed a lot as SmartFares have brought a whole fresh range of cheap flight deals that mobilizes our patrons to explore the world with the best of their spirits whilst keeping them safe from extreme expenses with the ease of hassle-free and sorted booking process. No matter whether you have plans to explore a city next to your state or have dreams of voyaging far away, our mind-blowing range of cheap flight deals have covered it all. Spanning across the continents including Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and beyond, our exquisite variety of deals are here for you only to provide maximum satisfaction from the time you book your flight till the end of your journey.

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I booked a ticket with smartfare,and I had to cancelel my flight for personal issues. And instead of trying to help, the agent consistently talked over my wife. It was the flight back from our honeymoon. Hoping to have a smooth flight on April. Thanks Smartfare. My recommendation is do not use this. The company cancel my booking and they never sent me and email. I am please. It's the first time i booked using smartfares and so far im amazed, very cheap price and almost instant issued tickets. Where is the company located?

Traveling in a luxury class is the dream of most of us who have fantasies to enjoy every luxury and comfort existing on the surface of the earth. Where most of the globetrots have this perception that first class travel is extremely expensive and hard to afford, many who have been with SmartFares differ with the statement as we have been proven to be a superlative travel agency to offer the most exquisite range of first class travel deals to our patrons.

The next day you will receive an email to call them immediately because they were unable to confirm your flight. Reason I chose this business: It just pop up while i was lloking for tickets. Share this Page Business Owner? Thank you it was an excellent deal. Thank you very much for help us in thise times of financial scarcity Reason I chose this business: Its very convenient offers. SmartFares messed this up in a really big way and put us in separate rows. It's was easy to buy my ticket. They are booking a nonexistent flight than ask you to pay difference and blame the airlines. Follow Amanda S. Follow Ferdinand N. I have to call the credit card company to make sure its confirm.

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