skyrim where are the aetherium shards

Skyrim where are the aetherium shards

An Aetherium Shardor Glowing Crystal Shard if it is found before meeting Katriais a piece of pure Aetherium that can be combined with others to form an Aetherium Crest. It is an essential item for the quest " Lost to the Ages.

Log In Sign Up. I found one in blackreach and it turns out it is a quest item for a quest I do not have. What is the quest, how do I get it, and where are the rest of the fragments located? Pikachu - 5 years ago - report. This is for the quest Lost to the Ages. It can be initiated by reading a book called "The Aetherium Wars".

Skyrim where are the aetherium shards

The quest details the investigation of a lost ancient Dwemer secret and the search for four pieces of solid Aetherium. It can be started by locating and reading a copy of the book The Aetherium Wars. It can also be started by entering Arkngthamz and talking to Katria , skipping directly to the second part of the quest. In Arkngthamz, I met Katria, the ghost of an adventurer who perished there. She offered to join me in my fight to the summit, and I accepted her help. Upon arriving at Arkngthamz, the earth will quiver, followed by a disembodied voice that can be heard warning the Dragonborn to turn back. When continuing through the ruin, the disembodied voice will be given a name — a female Nord named Katria who will reveal that she is on the quest to find the mythical Aetherium Forge. She reveals that she died during an earthquake in the Dwemer ruin. Katria's Journal can be found on her body. In it, she expresses her displeasure that her former colleague, Taron Dreth the author of The Aetherium Wars stole her research to publish the book, but she insists that she alone has the leads for the locations of Aetherium and possibly where the Forge may be located. The ethereal Katria aids the Dragonborn in retrieving the first of the four aetherium shards needed to unlock the Forge, and thus the quest "Lost to the Ages" begins, with the task of finding the Aetherium shards. There the Dragonborn encounters the corpse of a female Nord named Katria and finds a journal on her body that illustrates her findings regarding the Aetherium Forge and the ruins of Arkngthamz. After reading the journal, the ghost of Katria appears and explains that she wishes to complete her research and find the Forge. She attempts to discourage anyone from venturing further into the ruin and insists on accompanying them through the ruin to the Summit.

Lethal falls. PS3 When running through the last corridor in Raldbthar, if the lever to open Raldbthar Deep Market is pulled before killing the Dwarven spider worker sthey will also be transported. It may have been destroyed long ago, by the Nord invaders or the Dwemer themselves.

In ancient times, the Dwemer constructed four city-states led by the great research center of Arkngthamz in the Reach. Their purpose remains unknown, but the city-states were undefeatable and held their ground against attacking Nords for centuries. Then, in the midst of the First Era, all four city-states suddenly collapsed within three years. The Nords ascribed the destruction of the cities to the strategic genius of High-King Gellir , but many scholars suggested that the cities fell for other reasons—although the mystery was buried along with the cities and merely forgotten. The Aetherium Wars is a tome written in the present day by Taron Dreth which details the fall of the four cities and even offers an explanation for the downfall of the Dwarves: namely, Aetherium, an ultra-rare crystal-like matter with a strong, magical aura. The author suggests that the Dwarves found a considerable amount of Aetherium and started experimenting with forging it into weapons with a newly constructed "Aetherium Forge". Due to their brilliance, the Dwemer actually succeeded.

Having said that, the Dawnguard DLC did bring some extremely intriguing mythology in the shape of the Aetherium Shards and the quest that goes with it. Aetherium Shards are a rare and robust resource that can be used to make the Aetherium Crown, Shield, or Staff. These relics are among the most powerful things in Skyrim, and they may be tailored to your preferences. You must acquire all four Aetherium Shards in order to create an Aetherium artifact. The shards can be found in various Dwarven ruins throughout Skyrim, and difficult adversaries guard them. This tutorial will assist you with locating and collecting all four Aetherium Shards, as well as providing recommendations on how to create the appropriate Aetherium item. Arkngthamz is a typical Dwarven dungeon. Make a point of picking up Zephyr, one of the best bows in the game. Fight your way through the Falmer until you reach a large wall with a locked entrance. Around the entryway, there are five cutouts in the wall with these strange-looking contraptions in them.

Skyrim where are the aetherium shards

That being said, the Dawnguard DLC did introduce some incredibly interesting lore in the form of the Aetherium Shards and the quest that goes with it. Lost to the Ages brings you to various Dwemer ruins, allowing you to experience their disrepair firsthand following the conquest of the Dwarves by King Gellir way back when. The story of the shards is one of politics and war. So, buckle in and prepare for what might be the most entertaining fetch-quest in all of Skyrim. Reading this book is also what triggers the miscellaneous task that leads to Lost to the Ages. According to the book, it was Aetherium that indirectly caused the downfall of the Dwemer civilization in Skyrim, creating conflict between the Dwarven cities and allowing King Gellir to steamroll them. While the crystals gave off a strong magical aura, they seemed impossible to work with. The Dwemer never took no for an answer, though, and after a large deposit of Aetherium was discovered in the depths of Blackreach, a research alliance between four Dwemer cities was created to study, and eventually use Aetherium. Arkgnthamz led the alliance and eventually discovered a method with which Aetherium could be smelted, resulting in the creation of the Aetherium Forge.

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This has been cut, precisely cut. While in the forge, if the lava is walked into slightly, one's sight will become red and yellow, permanently rendering the Dragonborn blind. She left to search for the other shards and the Forge itself, and urged me to do the same. It's for a quest that got added with the Dawnguard DLC: elderscrolls. Take another look around and get familiar with the place. You can either dodge the trap and proceed straight ahead or take the longer route to the east; the latter option will net you several more encounters with patrolling bandits but will also provide an opportunity to kill Alain Dufont and his companions with the lever-operated Dwemer ballistae on the ledge above their camp. PC PS4 When placing the Aetherium crest in the forge, it will sometimes fail to bring up the menu that would allow the item to be forged. Massive chasms. She will also mention what's ahead of you: "Well, there's the Falmer , to start with. We have to prove this actually works. Confirmed Fix: a much more difficult but successful approach is pushing her all the way to the wooden platform with sprint and the first word of Unrelenting Force, then killing her. On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage DLC1LD stage , where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete.

Log In Sign Up. I have the first and the one from the store room but cannot find the last i cannot remember where i got number 3 from plz help! Sometime after 1E 22, the Dwemer of Skyrim discovered a considerable source of raw Aetherium in Blackreach.

No known fix, except to simply not read the journal at this point if this does occur Incident occurred May 7, , on Xbox Patch 1. Ask A Question. Objective is assigned : Speak with Katria. The shards we collected Use her bow to activate each lock. Dawnguard Hearthfire Dragonborn This will finally initiate the quest and you have a long trek before you. Use the fallen pipe to reach the ledge and you will find that it is Katria's body. This article contains video content produced by Fandom with some or no input from editors of The Elder Scrolls Wiki, and may not properly represent the scope of the written article below. When you reach the top, the bridge will turn into a narrow passageway in the stony wall. In it, she expresses her displeasure that her former colleague, Taron Dreth the author of The Aetherium Wars stole her research to publish the book, but she insists that she alone has the leads for the locations of Aetherium and possibly where the Forge may be located. Katria has the first two successfully numbered in her book.

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