savage model 62 magazine 20 round

Savage model 62 magazine 20 round

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Have you considered registering so you can participate in the discussions rather than just look on as a bystander? Why not? If so, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page and let us know and we'll get you squared away! Now my Question is Is that over use, something wrong with rifle or cheap material that they need to address at the plant. It sounds like the magazine frame assembly is sitting too high to allow the magazine to come into contac with the bottom of the bolt. No doubt you will need a new magazine, but I would place a shim between the mag frame and the receiver where the screw attaches it on. Make the shim thick enough that the bolt does not touch it, but close enough that it feeds properly.

Savage model 62 magazine 20 round

Hello, I bought a Savage 64 F about four months ago and it has a problem. When I use hollow point ammo they jam up against the bottom back edge of the barrel. This happened the first time I went to shoot at the range. I had a box of hollow points and a box of round points. The round points shot fine. I bought a round box of round points and have been shooting only them for the past few months. This week since I was running out of them I bought some more hollow points. Almost every one of them jammed, of the 30 I tried. I had some of the round tips left and tried ten of them, the shot fine. I didn't realize until after I cleaned the gun and was trying both types of ammo what the problem is. My gun doesn't like hollow point ammo. The reason is that the flat tip of the rounds hit the flat part of the barrel just above the magazine housing. I see there is an angled "guide" at the top of the housing.

Deals Forum. It sounds like the magazine frame assembly is sitting too high to allow the magazine to come into contac with the bottom of the bolt. I also have a post with details on magazine 'fixes', since the 'pot metal' mags wear and also can get 'bent' to be too tight to allow proper feed.

Designed specifically for the Savage 64 series rifles, this magazine ensures smooth feeding and flawless performance. Whether you're at the range or on a hunting trip, the Savage 64 Series 22LR Round Magazine is an excellent accessory that combines capacity, reliability, and ease of use to enhance your shooting experience. Fill in your email below to request a new password. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. Share: facebook email printer. Add to Wishlist. Current stock: 1.

The Savage Model 62 and Model 64 are two rifles that were designed for hunting small game. These rifles are lightweight and easy to use, making them perfect for novice shooters. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of these rifles and see how they compare to one another. Savage Model 62 features The Savage Model 62 is a semi-automatic rifle that was first introduced in It is chambered for the. The rifle is also equipped with a scope mount, making it ideal for both plinking and small game hunting. One of the best features of the Savage Model 62 is its accuracy.

Savage model 62 magazine 20 round

Advanced Search Search Tips. One free loading tool included with each order.. Comes folded into packing slip. Video on how to use loading tool HERE. Also fits Lakefield Mark II rifles since they are basically the same. Does NOT fit the Savage 62 These magazines are fully laser cut, and are welded instead of crimped together.

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The two that I have used have been flawless but I don't like removing the barrel for a thorough cleaning. Replies: 2 Last Post: , AM. The third one is still in the box. Key Features: High Capacity : With a round capacity, spend more time shooting and less time reloading. The round points slide up over and past the flat end of the barrel because they aren't flat, they're round. It seems that the 'ring' is difficult to remove with most cleaners, even 'named' Carbon Cleaners. Stevens made the 62 and Savage made the When I use hollow point ammo they jam up against the bottom back edge of the barrel. Explore Our Forums. Also, I don't know if you're aware of this but there is often a problem 'special' :o to 22s - carbon ring in the chamber. I am going to cycle some hollow point rounds through it first.


The 'ring' softens from heat of firing, but will re-harden after a short time some feel minutes. I shoot one of them more than my other better guns because I feed junk, bulk ammo through it. Kind of hard to see. Getting back on here and seeing this post reminded me of that and Im going to try to pick one up this week. Hi river - The first thing to try is to 'polish' the feed ramps of both the magazine and the chamber as stated in that thread - Post 5. You can see this edge 'polishing' below. HI bolt - Yes, moving the bottom of the magazine can help feeding also. Ther main solution is to 'polish' the feed ramps on both the magazine and the chamber ramp. Now all three of my magazines run hollow points with no feed issues. So now I can take one of them and work on it until get it to work.

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