raycon earbuds not working

Raycon earbuds not working

Use the Work Earbuds to tune out the noise and focus on what matters most.

The Fitness Earbuds come with 4 additional gel tips, providing you with 5 different fit options so you can customize the fit for your ear. Finding the perfect fit will not only increase stability during a variety of everyday activities but also allow you to get better sound from your earbuds. In addition to the gel tips, our Fitness Earbuds also come with 3 extra stabilizers, providing you with 4 different sizes for you to find the optimal fit for your ear. Your earbuds can only connect to one device at a time. For the best experience, we suggest making sure your Raycons are fully charged! They should come partially charged, but it's always good to make sure you have them fully powered so you can enjoy the full battery life your earbuds have to offer.

Raycon earbuds not working

Looking for help with a specific product? Click here for our help guides! If you're looking for individual product manuals, you can find them here. You can find our latest promos on our deals page, here! To keep up to date on all our promotions and sales, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage. We've also partnered with a new service, Fondue, to create a CashBack option as a thank you for purchasing with us. If you check out with the CashBack, you can choose whether you want our CashBack offer as a gift card to our site or as a Visa prepaid card you can use anywhere. All you need to do then is complete the redemption form, and then you can select your preferred CashBack redemption method. To see if we accept your payment method of choice, please reach out to our support team at support rayconglobal. You can enter one by clicking "Enter it here" below the Check Out button in your cart or at checkout by clicking "Add a discount code or a gift card. Be sure to enter the code without any spaces. Only one discount code can be used per purchase. If you are using Gmail, check the promotions folder. If you recently made your purchase, be aware that it may take up to five minutes to process your order before you get your confirmation email. You can contact us at support rayconglobal.

Pair the earbuds with your second device e. For customers inside the U. The Work Earbuds Help Guide.

At Raycon, we believe in creating innovative tech designed to embrace and empower your every day. We believe in the early risers and the one-more-milers of the world. Premium audio, inspired by you. To get the most out of your Fitness Earbuds, we strongly encourage you to fully read through this user guide. You can also visit our support center at www.

This can be frustrating for anyone using Raycon earbuds for the first time. However, this is a common issue with Raycon earbuds and there are simple ways to fix the pairing problem. There are several reasons why Raycon earbuds may not be connecting to each other, including single-bud mode, software glitches, and low battery. To fix this issue, users can reset the earbuds, restart them, or charge both the earbuds and capsule. In this article, we will take a closer look at these possible fixes and others to help users enjoy their music without any connectivity issues.

Raycon earbuds not working

Raycon earbuds are an awesome pair of earbuds. However, sometimes, you may run into issues with them. Perhaps the most common issue is that one of the earbuds may stop working or, in some cases, may not be producing as much sound as you hoped.

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Flip the gel tip back to its original position and ensure it is securely attached before use. If your package is lost, please file a claim with the carrier. To learn the balance of your gift card, simply email our support team at support rayconglobal. The Fitness Earbuds Help Guide. When an earbud is placed into the charging case, and the case is closed, there should be light indicators on the front of the case to show that the LEFT and RIGHT earbuds are charging. If you are experiencing issues receiving your refund, please reach out to your card issuer or banking institution. For both returns and warranty claims, your shipment must include your product in its entirety your earbuds and charging capsule, etc. Orders will not be processed, shipped, or relayed on holidays or weekends. Ensure the stabilizer correspects with the correct earbud. You can see how to charge your earbuds in the section below. Hold for 3 Seconds. What can I do if I entered the wrong shipping address? You can purchase this protection for your Raycon product on the Raycon website at checkout. To get the most out of your Fitness Earbuds, we strongly encourage you to fully read through this user guide.

I know how frustrating it can be when your earbuds suddenly stop connecting.

Frequently Asked Questions. Your email should contain photos of your product with your order number and a detailed description of the issue you're facing with your order. We currently offer extended warranty protection through Clyde. What is the return policy for products bought at an authorized retailer? We urge customers to double-check all their information prior to checkout. Anything else increases the chance of dissolving the paint or damaging the plastic SUPPORT If your device is not functioning properly, please visit www. Your earbuds will not charge if the capsule is open. Volume Down. Do you provide gift receipts? If you have any issues please contact our support team at support rayconglobal. Make sure that earbud metal contacts are clean and there is no debris blocking the earbuds from making contact with the case. The device can be used in portable exposure conduction without restriction. Does the Raycon warranty apply to accessories?

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