pro-ject carbon evo review

Pro-ject carbon evo review

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If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more. It's also a great way to support your favorite musical artists, as records offer higher margins than many other forms of music distribution. This elegant and simple turntable comes with a specially regulated motor, a thick metal platter, and a carbon fiber tonearm for near-perfect playback. No, it's still not "cheap," but it sets a new, relatively affordable standard if you're an audiophile hunting for quality components and the best musical fidelity. Pro-Ject is one of the go-to names when people talk about great-sounding yet affordable turntables, and the Debut Carbon the predecessor to this new model , was perhaps the company's crown jewel.

Pro-ject carbon evo review

But why not Dave , or Marc? I have had vinyl on the brain. This is a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon table taken to a whole new level. The packaging came out like an elaborate puzzle—the word unravelling came to mind—and in a seamlessly logical manner. The instructions and plinth on top, then the belt and motor and finally the platter cleverly tucked in the bottom, not in order of height or weight, but in order of assembly. Once assembled—a simple process which involves putting on the belt, slipping on the platter, and by far the most difficult part, popping on the platter—the Debut Carbon EVO is ready to rock and roll. Mine came in a very fetching white color, though every color I saw in the catalogue was gorgeous in a distinctly understated way. Muted colors and matte finishes with a grain-free and smooth texture elevated the EVO to something a few notches above your standard deck-style table. The form-factor said familiar, but the fit and finish told me premium. It is dead quiet. Not simply compared to other deck-style tables, but even the skeletal plinths in the Rega or Clearaudio style. Upper treble and midrange came across as exceptionally damped and holographically present and organic. Bass was solid, with less warmth than I would expect from this style of table, and what was present was quite linear.

This, my dear readers, is where the story becomes most interesting. The EVO is a fine choice. The platter is constructed from steel and has a TPE damping ring applied to the pro-ject carbon evo review edge, which makes it much more inert than Debut platters of old.

All the defining characteristics of the Debut line; 8. The tonearm, for example, is the same effective length as before, but the single-piece carbon armtube now moves on sapphire bearings and boasts upgraded internal wiring. Unlike the arms previously fitted to more affordable Pro-Ject turntables, both tracking force and antiskate are fully adjustable, allowing any cartridge that works with the effective height of the arm to be fitted. The motor and platter arrangements have also been augmented. The platter is constructed from steel and has a TPE damping ring applied to the inner edge, which makes it much more inert than Debut platters of old.

The Pro-Ject Debut series first appeared on the scene back in This is the 8. Not so, in fact. Knocking the platter with this in place drastically reduces any music-threatening vibration. TPE is also applied to the three, height-adjustable feet which are connected to suspension elements from the recently released X1, turntable. The electronic speed selection arrives in the form of a rocker switch which is hidden from view underneath the front-left portion of the plinth to keep the lines clean and aid aesthetics. There are nine finish options with this one, three in hand-painted high gloss covering red, white and black plus five varieties of hand-painted matte pastel colours spanning green, black, blue, yellow and white plus a walnut veneer.

Pro-ject carbon evo review

T urntables are inconvenient. They range from hulking, massive monstrosities that take an entire village to move, down to minimalist cutouts that are barely more than a rotating platter and a tonearm floating on a pedestal. That simplicity is a beautiful illusion. The EVO feels premium. That was the first thing that came to mind. The sleek, glossy finish, the gorgeous tonearm, the solid weight…all made the Carbon EVO seem like a step beyond a standard entry-level deck. Aesthetics are important, maybe not as important as sound, but we do have to live with these things, after all, and I hate staring at ugly stuff. But what impressed me the most was the easy setup, something that seems more and more necessary for an entry-level deck.

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All the defining characteristics of the Debut line; 8. So my advice is to do some research and find out were your local audio specialist stores are. I was gifted a briefcase turn table a few years ago and have been slowly getting into vinyl since then. Hi Paul, thanks for your reply and Happy Holidays to you! Looks like the Rega is overpriced due to it being a harder-to-find UK brand, as you mention. Best Regards! From what I could tell, one set of keys was in the left channel, the other set in the right, with drums and bass dead center. The platter has been dampened with TPE thermoplastic elastomer lining the edge, which contributes to the turntable's impressive weight. Which was a complete surprise, I must add. Search Advanced….

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It's now been dethroned. The precision allowed more detail to infuse the soundstage while the pace of the music picked up because that focus removed any tiny elements of drag. I know, groans and eyerolls, lots of folks like felt, but I find it particularly abhorrent. Like Suberb features for the money Sweet, even-handed sound Solid build quality Available in nine colors Don't like Unusual tonearm ergonomics Sounds less exciting than the Fluance RT The Debut has improved considerably in this regard over the years and the Carbon EVO is the best manifestation yet. If you have the cash then it might be better to save for a high-end upgrade such as an Ortofon 2M Blue or, better still, a Goldring So, the EVO looks good as an upgrade from a low-cost turntable. It also kept control of the effect to stop it swamping the mids. He is an avid record collector and streaming music enthusiast. So my advice is to do some research and find out were your local audio specialist stores are. Some of this is down to the 2M Red cartridge that is bundled as standard. Writer and Reviewer X. WayneKerr Well-known member.

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