Pirate tattoo designs

Vector illustration of a white skull on a black circle with gold lightning bolts under it.

Tattoos have become an inseparable part of the life of pirates today. Pirate tattoos are coming with a variety of different symbols, which are associated to the pirate theme. Both men and women like to art their body with these tattoos. Though this theme is not considered as the main stream tattoos, it provides several unique perspectives of pirate art in tattooing. Pirate theme offers a wide variety of different styles, which is the major attraction of these types of tattoos. Several different symbols can also be applied to the pirate theme tattoos.

Pirate tattoo designs

Arrr, matey! From traditional skulls and crossbones to more elaborate ship and map designs, these tattoos are sure to turn heads wherever you go. And who knows? With a little luck, you might just find yourself sailing the seven seas in search of buried treasure. In our collection of best pirate tattoos, we are not only going to show you more PG-oriented designs but you will also find tattoo pieces that show the scary tales of the vast ocean. These tattoos often have a bold and menacing look that is perfect for any self-respecting pirate. The great thing about pirate tattoos is that they can be designed to fit any budget. There are a lot of different pirate tattoos for men and women to choose from. You can pick a design that represents your favorite pirate or one that has a special meaning to you. There are also a lot of different ways to wear pirate tattoos.

Since then, pirate theme tattoos have been the favorite body art for tattoo enthusiasts. Set of vintage pirate tattoo designs and white skulls with king, samurai, viking and pirate. No notifications to show yet.

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There was a time when a pirate tattoo would land one in deep trouble with the law because it was a symbol of terror out in the sea. Although movies and books portray the pirates as heroes, they were gangs of rogue sailors that would steal from other ships. However, the myth and legend of pirates is still a huge fascination and many people like to identify with them, and the best way to do this is by drawing one of their many tattoos. Apart from their distinct dress code, Pirates would also have astounding body markings that would include things like ships, anchors, and sea creatures. And so if you are thinking of getting a unique and stylish totem the options are endless if you choose to have one with a pirate theme. Pirate body markings are a symbol of rebelliousness and independence because these sailors did not work for anybody and they were just out to benefit themselves. In fact, some pirates started off as merchants but would, later on, revolt against their employers by starting a gang with its ship that would hunt for treasure in the sea and also steal from other ships. You have to be courageous enough to become a pirate because the sea is full of dangers. Without courage, you cannot survive as a pirate and so having one of their tattoos will symbolize that you are courageous.

Pirate tattoo designs

Ahoy there, ink enthusiasts and neophytes alike, and welcome aboard our exploration of a timeless tattoo classic—the traditional pirate ship. This emblem of the high seas has surged into contemporary popularity, becoming a sought-after symbol gracing the skin of many an adventurous soul. It can symbolize a journey—long or short—and embodies bravery, progress, and a dash of good luck. As with any artistic endeavor, the design nuances of pirate ship tattoos are entirely at the whim of the beholder. This virile design tends to find favor amongst men, particularly those who call the sea their workplace. Individuals across all walks of life are attracted to its potent symbolism, using it as a canvas to portray personal histories, recent adventures, or their current life chapter. Nautical tattoos, such as the pirate ship, can be truly breathtaking when expertly executed. The choice of artist, therefore, is crucial—a seasoned hand can transform this design from simple to spectacular. Typically, these inked masterpieces take center stage on arms, chests, or backs, turning skin into a captivating seascape.

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OK, got it. You can place flags beautifully on your shoulders or upper arms. Skull cross bone is the most popular symbol. Chef cartoon pirate skull and crossbones with cross knife and fork and hat. Register New Account. Cartoon pirate warrior bandit with sword and axe character The iStock design is a trademark of iStockphoto LP. You can place a treasure map on your heart. These designs can still convey the spirit of adventure and danger that is associated with piracy, but they do so in a more subdued way. Pirate tattoos are coming with a variety of different symbols, which are associated to the pirate theme. Skull or skeleton are the most common and famous symbols used in these types of tattoos. Vector hand drawn cartoon illustration isolated on white background.

Arrr, matey! From traditional skulls and crossbones to more elaborate ship and map designs, these tattoos are sure to turn heads wherever you go. And who knows?

The combination of these two tattoo designs is great in rustic map motif. These were considered offensive. Tall ship tattoos need lots of details in the sails and rigging. Sailors used this star to navigate the waters. Skull pirate Jolly Roger cartoon illustration. Cartoon pirate warrior bandit with sword and axe character A skull and crossbones or cross bones jolly roger pirate or poison warning sign. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, then you might want to consider a design that incorporates nautical themes. OK, got it. A large portion of pirate theme includes some type of skull or skeleton figure. But you can also go for the wrist, forearm, thigh, and feet.

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