Ping pong club anime

A school's ping pong club tries to take back their ping pong practice room from rivals despite their differences.

When the Inaho Junior High Ping-Pong Club grows apathetic about an upcoming tournament, their new manager, Kyoko Iwashita, boosts their morale with something they cannot refuse—a "sex pass," a voucher that grants the best player on the team unadulterated access to her body for a whole month. This is just one of many ways that this peculiar ping-pong club exceeds the realm of normalcy. Among the Ping-Pong Club's six members, Maeno proves to be the most troublesome, discovering bizarre ways to distract the team each day. With the others contributing to these mischievous acts, Takeda—the captain of the club—tries his hardest to put up with the team's antics. But when popular vice-captain Yuusuke Kinoshita is being swept away by girls, he instead finds himself receiving support from the stern but resilient manager, Kyoko.

Ping pong club anime

It was adapted as an anime television series in In , the manga won the Kodansha Manga Award for general manga. The anime series was released in the U. Later that year it was released completely on DVD in individual volumes, with both an English dub and the original audio track with subtitles. In was also re-released as a box set. The episodes in Ping-Pong Club are actually split into minute segments, combined together to form a typical 25 minute single episode. Seeing that there are 26 full episodes, when in fact all are split to a total of 52 episodes released on 5 DVDs. When localizing the Anime for release in North America, Software Sculptors neglected to follow the Episode numbering, deciding instead not to count the five two-part episodes as two separate episodes. Their official episode count on the DVDs is instead This Trivia template is broken because it uses the broken Ambox template. Use of Template:Ambox is broken, because Module:Message box is broken.

Unfortunately, the rest are branded as losers. There are some fun moments of slapstick, but the humor fades as the film goes on, and the action is never particularly impressive or memorable.

That's the short version. This manga by Minoru Furuya is about the 8th grade class, section 5, and their awful antics and growth towards attempting to be the best ping pong club. They weren't willing at first - the girls' team was far better and their room was threatening to be taken over, until the principal convinced the resident cool delinquent girl, Kyoko, to whip the boys into shape. She manages to do so by offering a "sex ticket" -"whoever wins may do whatever they want with my body for a month! Complications occur when she realizes that Takeda and her have feelings for each other, and they are torn apart at every given opportunity. Can Kyoko turns these losers to winners? Will Tanabe ever get rid of that obnoxious stench?

This episode introduces the members of the Ping Pong Club. The teacher in charge of the girls ping pong club tries to take over the boys training room. The teacher of the girls ping pong club Mr. Tachikawa tricks the teacher of the boys club Mr. Shibazaki into giving the training room to the girls. The boys are not happy with this and fight back to reclaim the training room with some devious tricks of their own. The boys without a training room of their own, end up picking up trash in the schoolyard. Takeda and Kinoshita get invited to play with the girls but the other boys are left out. In the end Mr Tachikawa takes pity on them and lets the boys club play a match against the girl to win back their training room. After losing the game to win back their training room, the boys go about to find Mr.

Ping pong club anime

It is about the dysfunctional members of a middle school ping-pong club. By September , The Ping Pong Club had over 25 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series. In , the manga won the 20th Kodansha Manga Award for the general category. The story follows the adventures of a somewhat unusual ping-pong club: the players are indeed more focused "on panties" and obscene jokes than on the game. The arrival of Iwashita, the new head of the club, makes it possible to change things, the latter somehow managing to interest his undisciplined players in ping-pong. A difficult mission as the temptations of the outside world are great for our protagonists. A episode consisting of two segments each anime television series adaptation, animated by Grouper Productions, was broadcast in Japan on TBS from April 6 to September 28,

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Yasuhiro Takato Tanaka. By September , The Ping Pong Club had over 25 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series. Wataru Takagi as Junichi Shibuya. Sign In Register. What if there were no shrieks, slaps or embarrassed tsunderes, Ping Pong Club is what you'll get. Series like High school DxD and etc. Nudity and Sex scenes are throughout the series but not once has it been taken seriously Rom-genre Fans of romantic comedies with human characters, people who love and relate to weirdo protagonists, and long-time Lovely Complex admirers, pick up this Blu-ray. This is a comedy after all, you don't need the character depth of something like Cowboy Bebop for a comedy series. Animation Comedy Sport.

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April 27, Animation : Grouper Productions. Embarrassing Old Photo : Tanebe and Maeno take a picture of a boy who crashed his bike while delivering noodles, and the rest of the episode is spent discussing different scenarios and taking pictures. Show Spoilers. January 9, [8]. September 14, This is just one of many ways that this peculiar ping-pong club exceeds the realm of normalcy. You need to login to do this. More stacks. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Maeno Main. For a comedy series like this, that's all I want. September 21, Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Gil Goujons as Tanaka.

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