pakistani aunty

Pakistani aunty

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By Aishwarya Krishnan. If you are remotely active on the internet, you have come across the famous line, Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint. This statement has been taken the internet by a storm and uniting people in India and Pakistan! The source of this joke is a frustrated Pakistani aunty who was abusing the government and complaining about the corrupt system. The Pakistani aunty has become a source of inspiration for many people across borders as the underlying problem of living in a corrupt government has been highlights.

Pakistani aunty

My name is Asma and I belong to Pakistan. Today I have joined this website to find my future life partner for marriage. I am a well-educated and well-mannered person and I belong to a very good family in Pakistan. Therefore I am searching for a sincere, honest and responsible person. Because I want to make my own big and happy family. Before this, I have tried a lot on several websites. But I could not find my desired life partner anywhere. Then I heard about this website from friends and they asked me to join it. And hope, I will find my life partner very soon here. Hi friends, my name is Faiza and I also belong to Pakistan, living in the city of Karachi. I have joined this website for the same purpose to find my future life partner for marriage.

Talha Adnan. My name is Mehwish and I belong to Pakistan, living in the city Faisalabad. Haris Siddiqui, pakistani aunty.


Aunty Pakistan, the latest Twitter sensation in Pakistan, is a superhero in no need of a cape. Her current display picture borrows from Shahan Zaidi the character of his in-production graphic novel, Bloody Nasreen. If gutsy, gun-toting Nasreen will challenge sexist stereotypes of Pakistani women by waging war against all kinds of bad guys, Aunty may as well be her verbal counterpart. Kicking ass and taking names — quite literally — she takes on misogyny in Pakistan on the political, social and cultural fronts, and has amassed a following of more than people over a day and a half. She has inspired her admirers with optimism and hope , and many want to buy her gifts. Some are quite smitten by her, including our friends from across the border. We wish more of our aunties were like her. If you aren't aware of her existence yet and wish to cover your 'live-under-a-rock' status, here's a compilation of ten of her top tweets:.

Pakistani aunty

Older woman knitting baby clothes. Mother and daughter using cell phone at dinner table. Multi-generation family videochatting on laptop. Grandmother holding baby grandson. Heatwave in Pakistan. Grandmother learning how to use mobile phone from her granddaughter. Portrait of a Senior Malaysian Couple. Aftermath of the suicide bombing in Pakistan. Pakistanis Vote In General Election. Pilgrims at Hinglaj Yatra.

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Riya Soni. Mubashar Ali. Popular Latest Video. While jokes on the government or gormint continue, a group of Twitterati are already trolling the use of gormint. Ani Singh. All Category. Pakistani Poetry urdu urdupoetry Pakistan Shayari. So we can know each other very well and be good life partners in the future. One particular user pointed out how gormint sounds similar to mint and images of gormint, which looks identical to chloromint has also been circulating the internet. By Aishwarya Krishnan. I have heard a lot about this website that many people have found their desired life partners on this website. I have been single for many years, now I want to make my own big and happy family. Talha Adnan. And hope I will find my desired life partner very soon here.

The breathtaking beauty and unparalleled grace of Pakistani women make them the finest. The most beautiful Pakistani women in the world are a perfect combination of style, etiquette, elegance, and intelligence.

Challenge English ektarfapyaar nojoto Live Pakistan Pakistani nojotoenglish. Your email address will not be published. M Usman Khan. Pakistani Poetry urdu urdupoetry Pakistan Shayari. By Aishwarya Krishnan. Today I have joined this website to find my future life partner for marriage. My name is Maheen and I am from Pakistan, living in the city of Lahore. First I will try to know everyone and then I will choose my life partner. Talha Adnan. Haris Siddiqui. I know very well that it is not easy to find a life partner online. Pakistani Trending viral Funny Pakistan Comedy. This hilarious meme found its source in when a Pakistani aunty began abusing the government while speaking to a local TV channel. Related Posts. Quotes English Nojoto Pakistan Pakistani breakupstories nojotoenglish.

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