overwatch zenyatta art

Overwatch zenyatta art

I personally love Zenyatta a lot, where the lore Blizzard.

Designed and Sold by MinosArt. Ultrachrome archival inks for rich, long-lasting color. Trimmed for framing with a 1 inch border. Learn More ». Estimates include printing and processing time.

Overwatch zenyatta art

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Ramattra is a Tank hero in Overwatch 2. Released on 6 December , Ramattra is the 36th hero added to the game. Ramattra is a dual-form hero. His omnic form lets him protect his teammates using a staff as his weapon, while his Nemesis form transforms him into a larger and more menacing threat, where he marches down on the enemy team. Ramattra's gameplay style differs in accordance with his form.

Overwatch zenyatta art

Zenyatta is an omnic monk who wanders the world in search of spiritual enlightenment. It is said that those who cross his path are never the same again. Energy projectile weapon. Charge to release more projectiles. Zenyatta is an omnic monk who wanders the world in search of spiritual enlightenment, helping those he meets to overcome their personal struggles and find inner peace. When necessary, however, he will fight to protect the innocent, be they omnic or human. Years ago, following the Omnic Crisis, a group of outcast omnic robots, known as the Shambali monks, abandoned their preprogrammed lives to establish a communal monastery deep in the Himalayas. After many years of meditation on the nature of existence, they came to the belief that they were more than artificial intelligences and that, like humans, they possessed the essence of a soul. Recognizing the spiritual equality they held with humans, the monks, led by their leader, Tekhartha Mondatta, sought to heal the wounds caused by the Omnic Crisis a generation earlier and bring humans and robots back into societal harmony.

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