original 1930s hallway

Original 1930s hallway

We are in the process of purchasing a detached bay fronted house built in

We moved into our house last year , it's a 's house and is carpeted throughout, very modern. After visiting a few neighbours I noticed they all had beautiful, original tiled halls I decided to have a look tonight and with the help of my trusty screwdriver I can see beautiful red tiles underneath the carpet! What do I do now? I want to show the tiles but I have barely any disposable income and don't know if i could take up the carpet and get the tiles cleaned myself, any advice? Agree post a pic. A friend had beautiful Victorian tiles under layers of of glue and all sorts of rubbish. I helped her clean them up, it took much hard work but they were beautiful afterwards.

Original 1930s hallway

Our hallway was never finished after our initial renovation three years ago as we ran out of funds. We can now finally warmly literally! Let me chat you through what changes we have made. First and foremost on the priority list was to install underfloor heating. This meant we would have to cover up the original boards, which was just something I had to accept as I would have loved to keep the boards and have a lovely kilim rug BUT practically speaking this was just not an option. Underfloor heating and tiles were the answer to make the hallway significantly warmer and easily cleanable having Otto in mind, as ever. They will also enable me to change the decor in the future I envisage a plaster coloured hallway in a few years! Importantly for me, the Victorian White Quarry Tile is not brilliant white but rather an off white that almost directly matches the Shaded White paint on the walls. The other bonus of these tiles is that they stretch out the space and make it feel so much bigger as well as reflecting the light so it really has a different feel to the old wood that absorbed all the light. Our tiler was very impressed with the quality of the tiles and how easily they cut , which makes the fact that they were the least expensive tiles that I sampled even better! Our tiler did a brilliant job as I asked for the tiles to be laid in a diamond formation as I think that makes them look more traditional but it makes laying them much more difficult. I chose to buy a small border tile to go around the perimeter of the space to add a traditional touch but border tiles are very expensive so even though I wanted a thicker border comprised of two or three tiles there was no way we could afford that. The border tiles I bought were black individual rectangle tiles x25mm and they are exactly the same texture and colour as the black square tiles we have used in the main area. We did discuss with our builder the option of removing all the skirting that we had put on new three years ago and removing all the original boards but in the end we opted to keep the boards and use a more expensive UFH system called Schluter. Three weeks in and the combo of UFH and tiles is dreamy.

We can just tuck every day shoes under the bottom of the bench too as it stands on legs. Please create an account or log in to access original 1930s hallway these features. The woodwork has stayed exactly the same and was painted Inchyra Blue three years ago.

Part of the joy for me in owning a period home is the possibility you have to try and enhance some period features or recreate an older more original style. Image courtesy of House to Home. This is something I hope to achieve with our hallway which is light and airy but suffering a bit with neglect. The hallway is quite typical of a s house, spacious at the front with the stairs leading off it, and then narrowing as you walk down with doors to the living room, dining room and kitchen at the end. There was a bit of repairing done when we moved in and had damp proofing. Since then I finally repainted all the bare plaster over Christmas so it stopped looking quite so much like a building site. I still have absolutely no idea what colour to eventually paint the walls but we have some thoughts on flooring and carpets.

I was super excited about our hallway when we were doing the first round of renovations to the house as I had such a clear image in my mind of what I wanted it to look like. On the surface it looks good but actually the unfinished stairs, the old floorboards and the brilliant white walls make it a pretty miserable space. If you are interested in the doors you can read this post about restoring s doors. I still hate it but slowly, slowly! So what do we need to change? I still absolutely love the Inchyra Blue woodwork, the beautiful Skinflint globe light and the stripped doors so that is all definitely staying.

Original 1930s hallway

The Art Deco design style, known for its luxurious details, geometric shapes, and bold use of color and material, was prevalent in the s and s, offering a rich source of inspiration. Before we dive into today's tips, remember that a world of interior design ideas await you. Here are 32 unique elements that could make up an Art Deco hallway :. Unlock more secrets to stunning interior design. These elements together create a cohesive Art Deco hallway that's rich in detail, luxury, and historical elegance, reflecting the opulence and modernity of the s and s. Discover the Dark Kitchen Magic.

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Therefore, I was very sure that I wanted a storage seat and I did have a good look at antique options, specifically Hungarian settles, but generally they are either too big or too small for our space. A band that shines with personality and cool style? There are just not enough hours in the day at the moment!! Watch thread Flip. I bought this book when I moved into our s house - it a really interesting well - to me! The woodwork has stayed exactly the same and was painted Inchyra Blue three years ago. We have also changed our garage door , but I will cover this when we get to the exterior of the house when we have also changed all the windows another job on our to-do list! Good luck! This would then flow through into the living room giving a better sense of space. I'll wait until the weekend I think and then go for it.

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Wedding Planning. Advanced search Saved Active Unanswered threads. Join our Property forum for renovation, DIY, and house selling advice. The second image is amazing. We also have their smart smoke alarms installed, this was really important to us as at our first property we actually had a house fire! More mirrors and artwork I think. I also must mention my love for the curved wall, which you can see from the photo below. Agree post a pic. Investing in a cheap and efficient moisture absorber can help to keep mould and mildew at bay. In our old house, I loved the feature carpet stair runner we installed. Enrol on an online course. My feed I'm on I'm watching I started. Jago Which type of parquet did you choose, is it the oiled trade?

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