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Click here for more details. Popcorn London Pound Cake. Popcorn Lindsay OG. Tom Ford Pink Kush. Popcorn Strawberry Guava.



Exhales tasting of a sweet floral ceda, onetwotreez, and a light herbal spice.


Please send us an email or a DM on Discord! Thanks to this accident, we get to enjoy a sweet, creamy, and funky strain that translates to a sweet diesel aftertaste. It provides users a lifted feeling of euphoria and happiness combined with a smooth relaxed body high. Indica is one of the three main types of cannabis plants. It looks different from Sativa strains, with broader leaves and a shorter, bushier appearance. People who want to relax or relieve pain often choose Indica strains. However, they can also cause side effects like dizziness, dry mouth, and dry eyes. Different strains can have widely varying effects based on tolerance, dosage, and consumption method.


Click here for more details. Popcorn London Pound Cake. Popcorn Lindsay OG. Tom Ford Pink Kush. Popcorn Strawberry Guava. Strawberry Cough. Platinum Garlic Breath. Red Congolese.

Foggy bottom circa

Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Upload Images. Shaded by bright neon greens, A strengthened pr The clear headed high allows for easy conversation, while feelings of deep warming relief are experienced through the body, resulting in a more laid back stone. A strain leaving little motivation, probably best for later day or evening time use See More. Payment Methods. This exotic smoke is great option for all times of day See More. Intakes flavored of nutty diesel fuel, skunky pines, finishing off with a cedar taste. Smooth inhales flavored of sweet doughy herbs. Platinum Garlic Breath. Administering a volumized dank aroma surrounded by overtones of pungent skunky gas, nutty pines, and notes of earthy cream. Exhaled out as a sour citrus earth flavoring with a prolonged lingering sweetness.

Soft greasy feeling density, having a spongelike texture springing back to original form. Translucent glass like appearance on these crystals, sparkly while casting clear clean sections.

The smell is fine it still retain some earthy aroma but there isn't much taste to it. Search for:. Strawberry Ice. The nugs real estate being occupied by a vibrant violet shading, accompanied by bright neon greens, and med Scented of sweet herbal berries, with mild hints of dough. Click here for more details. Love from the z FAM! Forgotten Username. Newsletters Reviews Educational. Shop now. Strawberry Cough. Squeezable density, cased by a crispy textured surrounding. Slight movement behind this semi dense compact nug, broken open revealing a sticky fresh lined interior. Showing off medium olive colored shades, beside bright lime green hues, accented with dark indigo patches. Username Password Remember Me.

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