my team lol

My team lol

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Want to contribute to this wiki? Sign up for an account, and get started! You can even turn off ads in your preferences. Come join the LoL Wiki community Discord server! Team Builder was an outtake on Champion Select, in which a player chooses the role, champion class, and champion they are intending to play, before the start of the match, and without time constraints. Team Builder launched on March 25,

My team lol

League of Legends is a team-based game with over million active players taking to the Rift every month. In a game with such a large player base and an ever-growing roster of champions, it can be rather challenging to create a good team composition and play it to its strengths. With the lack of communication in champion select and solo queue in general, it can make it even harder for a set of 5 strangers to create, maintain and play as a team. By knowing the strategies and win conditions behind every team comp in the game, you will start to understand and develop a habit of knowing exactly what you need to do in every game you play. This will increase your win rate, KDA and the likelihood of coming out ahead because you will know what you need to do. In this in-depth Mobalytics guide by PicklePants , we will discuss everything you need to know about playing as and against every team composition in the game. Utilizing their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses will allow you to get an understanding of what your teams combat goals are for each game. As teamfighting has such a high impact on the game, understanding how to teamfight effectively no matter the circumstances is a must. In addition, we will also go over typical teamfighting aspects that you may not have understood in the past. Terms such as flanking are not as obvious as everyone may think. If you want to check out some of our other in-depth all-in-one everything guides like our latest roaming guide , the all in vision guide or maybe even our complete wave management guide , then click here. If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to me on Twitter! This article is intended to be digested in segments and should not to be read in one hit! You will also find us repeating ourselves in some parts. This is due to overlaps in team compositions and teamfighting tactics.

League of Legends Wiki. Building tank and defensive items instead of damage can be more beneficial for you and your team.

ProComps is a simple to use drafting assistant for League of Legends individuals looking to approach the game more intelligently and efficiently. For players looking to improve their drafting skills and take a more strategic approach to their games. The ultimate experience for teams looking to improve on various aspects of the game and boost their win rate. The perfect app to manage multiple teams and significantly improve their performance and efficiency. Get champion suggestions, tips, and insights at each step of the league of legends draft. Champion suggestions based on gamestyles, scaling, counters, synergies and more. Input multiple player champ pools by mastery level, create multiple teams and allocate each player by lane.

Log In Sign Up. What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards League of Legends i always get bad teams in ranked. FightingBoar 10 years ago 1. Soljah 10 years ago 2. KDA isnt everything. Are you helping the team push objectives or just worrying about your KDA every game?

My team lol

Oh My God is a Chinese esports organization. Their League of Legends division was formed in May of In May , the Chinese eSports organization OMG picked up their first League of Legends team, although the roster was short lived, being replaced by the players from the notable team Noah's Ark in August. The team's first major tournament CPL Shenyang got off to a rocky start.

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So please keep that in mind when you are reading parts of this guide because there is more than one option to every situation. Much like every other team composition in the game, for them to be able to win teamfights effectively, every member of the team will need to be on the same page. Here is an image of where you should prioritize fighting the enemy to come out ahead. This is where he may want to fall back after his initial engagement with the enemy and not focus the enemy back line anymore. Brand is really good in teamfights thanks to his ultimate which can bounce between nearby enemies. Key Features. This team composition is rather similar to an AOE, or area of effect team comp which we will discuss later on. Game Updates. You cannot force your teammates to play certain picks. Create your first player or team profile in seconds. As you may not have any specific team composition, the enemy with a clear comp can slice right through you. To fill in the gaps when possible, we will do our best to list fundamentals that apply to each of the main roles which are: tank, assassin and fighter. We will also try our best to provide you with situational and context related advice to assist you in transferring information from this guide in actual gameplay whenever possible, which is by far one of the best ways to learn. Sion: Is a tank champion that will be the frontline for his team.


This composition is a team that revolves around one or two players being the true carry while the rest of their team provide them with protection through frontline, healing or shielding. Many bruisers will need to be positioned near or in the frontline so they can engage or follow up when their allies go in. On top of that, Alistar is also an engage champion and will not struggle at engaging when needed. But, the win conditions of your champion and role may differ to what is suggested, so keep this in mind. Janna is a prime example of a champion who can work in multiple compositions. A team without any real composition is limited in what it can do. His ultimate will also come in handy at displacing and clearing minion waves because it deals a lot of damage in a wide radius. Alternatively, you may need to be in the backline to dish out consistent damage. This is because the enemy will be bunched together and not be able to escape. If you do not follow up and go in with them, the enemy may get away and be able to break free from the CC. There are many different items you can purchase to make a fighter or bruiser into a tank, if you want to learn or know what to buy, give this article a read. This is important for a number of reasons.

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