movie merlin cast

Movie merlin cast

A retelling of the legend of King Arthur from the perspective of the wizard Merlin. Sam Neill stars in the title role in a story that covers not only the rise and fall movie merlin cast Camelot but also the phase in the legendary history of Britain that precedes it.

A retelling of the Arthurian legend that centres on Merlin, a young wizard new to Camelot, a kingdom ruled by a tyrant who's banned the use of magic. Close Ad. New This Month. New and Upcoming Netflix Shows and Movies. New and Upcoming Hulu Shows and Movies. Naked Wines has a Great Offer. What to Watch.

Movie merlin cast

Sign In. Sam Neill Merlin 2 episodes, John Gielgud King Constant 2 episodes, Rutger Hauer King Vortigern 2 episodes, James Earl Jones Mountain King 2 episodes, Isabella Rossellini Nimue 2 episodes, Martin Short Frik 2 episodes, Paul Curran Arthur 2 episodes, Lena Headey Guinevere 2 episodes, Jeremy Sheffield Lancelot 2 episodes, Mark Jax Uther 2 episodes, John McEnery Lord Ardente 2 episodes,

Uther 2 Episodes Part 2.

Merlin is a two-part television miniseries starring Sam Neill as Merlin , recounting the wizard's life in the mythic history of Britain. Loosely adapted from the legendary tales of Camelot , the plot adds the antagonistic Queen Mab and expands Merlin's backstory before the birth of King Arthur. The retelling continued in the sequel Merlin's Apprentice. Merlin, an elderly man telling his life story, describes a Britain faced with invasions and tyrant kings increasingly cruel to the people. To do so, she creates a wizard named Merlin, whom she intends to champion her crusade.

Legendary wizard Merlin tells his story of his war against Queen Mab of the Sidhe and his creation of Camelot. Merlin : A reputation is like glass, once cracked it can never be replaced. Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account.

Movie merlin cast

Sign In. Edit Merlin — Series Directed by Jeremy Webb Merlin 65 episodes, Bradley James Arthur 65 episodes, Richard Wilson

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John Gielgud King Constant 2 Episodes. International Film Music Critics Association. Keith Baxter. Merlin makes a blood oath to use his powers only to defeat Mab. Videos 3. After hearing a mysterious voice inside his head, Merlin makes his way to the cavern beneath the keep to find that he was hearing the dragon's voice. Casting 2 Credits. Arthur starts construction of his castle of Camelot and marries Guinevere. United States United Kingdom. BBC Press Office. Young Nimue 2 Episodes. Emma Hughes Noblewoman at Camelot uncredited unknown episodes. United Kingdom: 2entertain.

Sign In. Edit Merlin Series Directed by Steve Barron

MMS [60]. Series three is available in the United Kingdom, and was released in Australia on 4 August Justin Molotnikov. Cinematographer 2 Credits. Despite great aptitude, however, Merlin has little interest in helping Mab's crusade to restore the Old Ways, angering her. Peter Barnes Writer 2 Episodes. Mark Jax Uther. Peter Greenhalgh. Merlin's mother dies giving birth to him, and he is raised by his guardian, Ambrosia. Julian Murphy. US broadcaster NBC began airing Merlin on 21 June but after a decline in viewers, it was moved to cable network Syfy where series 2 began on 2 April As mentioned in the reference it relies on good story-telling. Archived from the original on Retrieved 11 January

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