mercedes benz annual report 2018

Mercedes benz annual report 2018

Cover photo The EQC combined electricity consumption: With its seamless, clear design and brand-typical color accents, it is the pioneer of avant- garde electro-aesthetics.

The sharp decrease resulted from a substantial cash outflow in connection with legal proceedings relating to diesel vehicles. Also, a continued high level of expenses for new products and technologies had a negative effect. Above all, material adjustments affected our financial results last year. The future of the Daimler Group lies in CO2-neutral mobility as well as in consistent digitization, leveraging its full potential in our products and our processes. To achieve that, we have substantially ramped up our investments into new technologies. We are determined to materialize our technological leadership and at the same time to significantly improve profitability. To this end, measures to cut costs and to increase cash flows are necessary.

Mercedes benz annual report 2018

Over recent years, mobility, in its widest sense, has revolutionised the environment in which the automotive industry works. Private vehicles as individual possessions now form part of an ecosystem in which on-demand mobility is hugely important, where the way in which we travel depends on our needs and circumstances at the time. Mobility is a right for the public - it is their right to move when, how and where they want. But the definition of this does not depend solely on governments, vehicle manufacturers or providers of technological applications. This definition is the responsibility of all of us, as a society. We have to define the type of mobility that is most appropriate for Spain, and under what conditions. Here at ANFAC, we believe mobility has to be smart, emission free, accessible and affordable, with a common model applicable to the whole of Spain in a consistent and orderly way. The world is changing, and we are changing with it. For our part, manufacturers are fully committed to this change. We are already adapting our offering to the changing demands of the public for more efficient technologies that reduce emissions and increase connectivity, safety and comfort. In this new environment, the concept of linear production design, manufacture and selling of vehicles is disappearing, and being replaced by an ecosystem of different suppliers and services, in which new components and technologies play a leading role. This opens up a range of challenges, but also offers new business possibilities in which vehicle manufacturers have to be involved. Spain is one of the leading manufacturers of vehicles in Europe and the world.

In addition, Fitch pointed out the wide geographical and product diversifica- tion of Daimler.


Today is International Women's Day. More on the contract extension. More on "Digital First". More on "Global Summit" More on environmental check. More on our Mercedes-Benz Team. More on Vocational Training.

Mercedes benz annual report 2018

February 21, — Today we have published the Annual Report On this page you will find all relevant information, documents and the recording of the conference. Daimler faces the challenges posed by the transformation of the automotive industry with a sustainable business strategy. Demand for individual mobility and the worldwide transport of goods and people will continue to grow and will continue to form the basis for the core business as a vehicle manufacturer. The premium market for passenger cars will continue to grow sustainably and faster than the volume market in the future. The resulting costs require comprehensive measures to increase efficiency, streamline the company and increase the free cash flow. Reduction of material and administrative costs and personnel costs. The aim is to cut jobs worldwide in a socially responsible manner, including the reduction of management positions. Daimler will continue its product and electrical offensive in the current year: To this end, Mercedes-Benz Cars is launching among others the new S-Class with the latest version of the MBUX multimedia system.

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Daimler invests, researches and develops a lot, and is therefore ideally prepared to play an important and leading role in the mobility of the future, and in shaping it successfully. In the Daimler Buses 2. At Daimler Mobility new business should weaken slightly, while the contract volume should remain at the prior-year level. In addition, the employee repre- In addition, the Supervisory Board also dealt with the question sentatives elected Roman Zitzelsberger as a member of the of whether an independent special committee of the Supervi- Mediation Committee and the members of the Audit Committee sory Board of Daimler AG should be set up to clarify any Board elected Michael Brecht as the Deputy Chairman of this of Management responsibility in connection with the European Committee. In order to enable the rapid scaling of on-demand research has reached in the area of partially automated driving mobility, all car-sharing, ride-hailing, parking, charging and on a BRT bus rapid transit route near Amsterdam. Mercedes-Benz maintained its position as the leading premium brand. At the end of July , it also discussed in this context the question of setting up an independent special committee E page At , region in We are determined to materialize our technological leadership and at the same time to significantly improve profitability. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board that could give rise to a material and not merely temporary approved the transfer of pension obligations to pensioners conflict of interest and that would therefore speak against of Daimler AG to Daimler Pensionsfonds AG.


E pages 89 f Daimler Financial Services, informed the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Manfred Bischoff, on October 7 that he will not seek an extension to his current term of office, which expires in December In everything we do, we focus on the wishes of our customers - this is the basis of our future success, and in this way, we also offer excellent prospects for our investors, partners and employees. At 9, units, our sales in the Middle East were substantially lower than the high figure Mercedes-Benz Vans recorded in the previous year 23, With the new structure, Daimler aims tivity quotient of revenue and net assets. Financial manage- ment operates within a framework of guidelines, limits and Management of market price risks aims to minimize the benchmarks, and on the operational level is organizationally impact of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, interest rates separate from other financial functions such as settlement, and commodity prices on the earnings of the divisions and financial controlling, reporting and accounting. In the field of sharing, we will make further progress through the merger of our mobility services with those of BMW. Our market a provider of holistic transport and mobility solutions for position in China plays a key role in safeguarding our market passenger and goods transport applications. This is mainly due to a major order for 20 vehicles from a German transportation an increase in expected expenses in connection with ongoing company. At the same time, Daimler is consistently committed to CO2-neutral mobility. This will help Spain to maintain its leadership in an industry that is of the utmost importance for the country, and the future. By the year , the entire portfolio of Mercedes-Benz Cars will include more than electric variants. Mercedes-Benz Cars of processes throughout all stages of the value chain. Visitors to the site quiet. BFDA , a the development of alternative drive systems. Local custodians of the pension assets are responsible receivables from the financial services business which are avail- for the risk management of the individual pension assets.

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