mem famous imdb

Mem famous imdb

A high energy youthful journey filled with amazing moments of friendship, love, family all set up in a beautiful and colorful village.

Sign In. Mem Famous Hide Spoilers. Movie starts with three friends and about their present situation. I don't want to include any kind of spoilers as it doesn't makes any sense. It is a good family entertainer and perfect movie to go with your friends.

Mem famous imdb

Sign In. Edit Mem Famous Mahesh Mani Aegurla Durga Mourya Chowdary Bala Krishna Saarya Mounika Muralidhar Goud Yella Reddy Kiran Macha Jinka Venu Anji Mama Anji Mama Milkuri Siri Raasi Bubby Narendra Ravi Baskar Yadav Shivanandan Lipstick Spoiler Mahendranath Sivayya Dhanalakshmi Sattavva Poorna Chandar Tirupati Scorpio Ravi

Chai Bisket films should take care of mem famous imdb decisions after the decent fares like Color Photo and Writer Padhmabhushan. This movie has a pure soul. Mahesh's Father Padma


Mem Famous is a Indian Telugu -language romantic action drama film [2] written and directed by Sumanth Prabhas starring himself, Saarya Laxman , Mourya Nalagatla and Mani Aegurla in primary roles. Three close friends, Mahesh, Durga, and Balakrishna, in their mids from a small village in Bandanarsampalli , Telangana , live aimlessly and have no ambition in life. When the whole village has had enough of them and starts looking at them as a shameless bunch, the realisation sets in, and they decide to do something meaningful. With the help of a local leader, Jinka Venu, Mahi's love interest, Mounika, Balakrishna's girlfriend, Bubby, and Durga's father, they begin a tent house business and succeed. But life throws unexpected challenges at them. The story ends with these three friends defying death and becoming famous. The film score and soundtrack album of the film is composed by Kalyan Nayak.

Mem famous imdb

Sign In. Edit Mem Famous Mahesh Mani Aegurla

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Yella Reddy Kiran Macha Edit page. Details Edit. Mem Famous Sivayya Dhanalakshmi It's not a movie, it is just a compilation of multiple scenes that doesn't have any ambition. Edit page. Related news. Chai Bisket films should take care of their decisions after the decent fares like Color Photo and Writer Padhmabhushan. Mahesh's Mother Srinivas Prank Star 3. Prank Star 1 Durga Prasad Mudhiraj

Mem Famous is a coming-of-age film about a trio of friends in a small village, Banda Narsampelli. The three friends have a bad reputation in their village and their families have also given up on them. Their saviour is the village headman Jinka Venu who has helped them get out of a tough spot one too many times.

Ramya Akka. Shivanandan Lipstick Spoiler. Mahendranath Sivayya. Edit Mem Famous Its the love with such purity we only see during tender ages. Clear your history. Yella Reddy. The village backdrop and typical characters whose hear and soul is filled with village culture is very well portrayed. MLA's Personal Assistant. Learn more. Baali's Mother Ashok Reddy

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