Your scooter tuning specialist has selected a huge array of spare parts and items form the catalogues of its suppliers, the maxiscoot names within the industry, maxiscoot.

More powerful than a scooter and more practical than a motorbike, there are many reasons to opt for a maxi scooter. If you look beyond its sporty appearance you will find that the maxi scooter is meant to be a utility vehicle for short and medium-range journeys. Its size allows for travel, and affords its owner the use of highways. Only its weight may discourage those who appreciate the easy handling of smaller cubic capacities. In short, a maxi scooter is a two-wheeler which combines the advantages of a scooter with the performance of a motorbike. We are the number one retail specialist for two-wheeler spare parts and has a huge array of maxi scooter items for bombshell prices available in its online-shop. The engine is the core of any maxi scooter.



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Your scooter tuning specialist has selected a huge array of spare parts and items form the catalogues of its suppliers, the biggest names within the industry. To this end, we have a large offering of discs, calipers and pads at killer prices available in our online-shop. Whatever the configuration of your scooter engine, we know that the design of your two-wheeler plays a central role. We therefore offer a large assortment of fairing and tuning parts for you to modify and optimise the appearance of your favourite 50cc scooter. Lights for a better view during the night, indicators for a safe change of direction or electric systems simply for ignition and indeed a more powerful start are indispensable components of scooters and any vehicle that is deemed to be fit for use on a public road.


Benefit from the expertise of our technicians to quickly and easily find the spare parts fitting your vehicle, be it for 50cc bikes with gearbox, scooters with CVT, vintage mopeds, dirt bikes and even maxi scooters. We cover the entire range, you can find everything you need for Yamaha Aerox to China-based 2-stroke to Derbi supermoto. Thanks to our large selection of original as well as OEM quality spare parts and accessories, you can maintain and repair your two-wheeler for small money.

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The cylinder kits were developed in close cooperation with the MXS Racing experts; combining their vast experience and unrivalled technical know-how has allowed the creation of an extremely powerful tuning cylinder. Since its inception, Stage6 are committed to develop performance-enhancing tuning and racing parts; they gained a reputation for shaking up the racing scene with innovative products while keeping prices affordable.

Add your bike. Categories Workshop Clothes Paddocks and Tents. In our electric components and lighting division we have a large array of electric instruments for little money on offer. Select year of construction. The engine is the core of any maxi scooter. Scooter products. Whether you want to replace your hull after an accident or whether you wish to personalise your maxi scooter by adding a F1 mirror or white indicators, you should have a look at our inexpensive cowls and tuning accessories, which will give your maxi scooter a sophisticated look. In our engine section, we also have exhaust systems and all components for carburettors as well as numerous crankshafts from great brands such as Polini, Malossi or Leovince, which means that you can big up your maxi scooter for an affordable price. JavaScript ist in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert. Categories Tracksuits. Categories Jeans Sweatpants - Cargo.

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