maths antics

Maths antics

Learn More at mathantics, maths antics. SchoolTube is an educational video site that offers an engaging way for teachers, students, and parents to access and share educational content. With SchoolTube, users can upload and share original educational videos, view and comment on videos uploaded by others, and join various online communities to connect with peers, teachers, and parents. SchoolTube also provides access to a wide range of educational videos from different sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, and maths antics more.

Looking for supplemental video material for your math class? Here is a resource that contains straightforward explanations of math concepts and provides plenty of practice exercises. These resources are designed to offer supplemental material and are not meant to be a stand-alone curriculum. It can be difficult to create a working knowledge of a certain topic with a group of multi-level students. Some students may already have sufficient knowledge of a topic while others need everything spelled out from the beginning. Math Antics is a website that houses several videos on the topics of arithmetic, fractions, geometry, percents, and algebra basics.

Maths antics

Math Antics is a popular website that provides free instructional videos for kids on various topics, including basic arithmetic. These short videos cover a range of concepts, including fractions, percents,…. These short videos cover a range of concepts, including fractions, percents, geometry, and algebra. Each video also includes a quiz. On March 14, the site celebrates National Pi Day. It is a good time to challenge your kids to recite the greatest number of post-decimal pi values. This review focuses on the free videos that Math Antics offers. These videos cover a wide variety of subjects and are not part of the core math curriculum. The videos are organized by topic, not grade level , and can be helpful in supplementing a math curriculum. Luckily, these problems are actually quite simple to solve if you know what to do with them. It will help you to understand the reasoning behind long division. Math Antics features a range of fun, educational videos to support the core curriculum. These free videos cover over 80 math topics and are accessible through the website or YouTube. While the topics are not categorized by grade level, they are arranged according to subject matter. Therefore, parents may want to adjust their expectations accordingly.

Maths Antics Fractions covers a range of fraction-related concepts, maths antics, from adding and subtracting to multiplying and dividing. The complexities of this subject may discourage many students from progressing in their academic careers.


Our math lessons are organized by topic, not by grade level. But it may help to know that most of the topics we currently teach are typically covered between 3rd and 8th grade. Older students may find our lessons helpful for review. Math Antics is not a complete curriculum for any grade. Math Antics is not designed to prepare you for any specific exam or certification. You can use it to help you quickly review basic math, but you should use it alongside a book or program designed specifically for your exam. All topics we teach are clearly listed on the home page. A membership gives you access to the print-based Exercises and Worksheets that go with our free video lessons. You can see what those materials are like on our samples page.

Maths antics

In two long-time friends, Rob and Jeremy, began dabbling in math video production. At the time, Jeremy was involved with homeschooling his children and was having trouble finding math resources that were simple, effective and highly engaging. He and Rob had a history of working together on various projects, so they put their heads together in hopes of developing a math video format that would meet all those requirements. They also realized that adding a little bit of humor could go a long way towards making math more enjoyable. Of course, it took a lot more than skills… it also took time and persistence. This was largely due to the growing popularity of YouTube as a platform for educational content. Since then, Rob and Jeremy have continued making new math videos for their collection on YouTube and on the Math Antics website. It takes them a long time to make each lesson, but they believe that high quality is worth the extra time and effort. They now have more that 70 videos available for anyone to watch, and in , the Math Antics YouTube channel officially reached one-million subscribers! Rob and Jeremy hope to continue making new math lessons so that Math Antics is even more helpful to students around the world.

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Last Name. Home Latest videos Trending Explore more Help. RCudney 0 Subscribers. Gamification of learning accelerates the memorization of facts and principles, making it easier for students to recall them in their exams. Math Antics is an innovative online program that has revolutionized the way students learn math. The videos are organized in an easy-to-follow manner and start from the basics, leading students through to the more advanced concepts. IXL Review 4. Each video also includes a quiz. Apart from helping students master the basics, the videos can help improve test scores, especially for standardized tests like SATs, GREs, etc. The videos are informative, easy to understand, and come with real-world examples. Although these videos may not meet the standards of a particular school district, they are a fun way to introduce concepts to students.


Therefore, parents may want to adjust their expectations accordingly. The platform aims to provide a supportive and dynamic environment where students can learn and master math concepts on their terms. With the subscription comes a teacher license to print materials. With this YouTube channel, neither fractions nor math will be a nightmare for you. One of the most-loved topics is place value, which involves understanding the value of each digit in a number. One of the most significant benefits of Math Antics is that it provides a visual and interactive approach to learning math. Another aspect of place value that the Math Antics tutorial covers in-depth is decimals. Maths Antics Fractions is an excellent YouTube channel that makes learning fractions enjoyable and straightforward. Some of these videos have aided my students in visualization and building an understanding of a given topic. While our platform is independent and free to use, we may place links to services and companies that provide wowmath. This video could be used to partly address: 3. The free videos cover about 80 different topics, and you can view them on the website or on YouTube. Once the teacher knows the objective of the lesson, Math Antics can be a great resource to check with for a video. Load more.

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