long vowel o activities

Long vowel o activities

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Long vowel o activities

Are you about to start teaching your class the long vowel o sound? This sound has some tricky features, but the tips and tools below will make it easy for you to teach and for your students to learn! Long vowels typically "say their name. When you say these words, your mouth actually opens in the shape of the letter o. Your students will love trying this in front of a mirror! On the contrary, the short vowel sound requires a soft open mouth and can sound similar to the short a sound. Think cop, otter, doctor, etc. There are several different ways to spell this vowel sound, and I'll break down both the order in which to teach these and offer strategies to make them easy and fun to learn! Download my free decodable long vowel lists to help keep track of all the different vowel patterns for each long vowel! This is more than just a list of words; you'll get printable lists for all of the long vowel sounds, with the words broken down by how many sounds are in each one. This makes it easy to introduce the easier words first, then gradually move to more complex words over time.

Your students will have fun as they practice with sorting, cut and paste, a bingo game, making words, and more! Award Certificates. I have.

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Looking for long vowel word lists? Download all 5 of my pdf long vowel sounds word lists in my freebies library by joining my email list below. Long vowel sounds are vowels that are pronounced the same as their name. Long vowels are very common but they can be tricky because there are so many spellings for each long vowel sound. Long vowel sound words are words that have vowels that say their name. Below are a few examples:. You can learn more about teaching the long I sound in this post. And check out my Long I Worksheets set in my shop for printable activities on the long i sound. You can learn more about teaching long o words and check out my long o worksheets.

Long vowel o activities

Long vowel sounds can be confusing for young readers and writers, because of the multiple ways of spelling them. Start with the basics. Introduce the vowels one at a time. Once students are familiar with the vowels, you can introduce various spellings. Try this simple 6-step process. Once you go over the basics, there are a lot of activities and games to keep practice fun! Use these phonics activities and games focused on long vowel sounds for small group work, a literacy station, independent work, or homework to consolidate skills.

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Continue editing:? Presidents' Day. Oral Communication. Play a whole-class card game and read words like: row, home, show, joke, also, bone, so, hole, over, fold, and hope. Game Long O words Group sort by Jobrien8. Use these printable phonics worksheets for teaching students about the long o vowel sound. More Early Literacy. O-G vowel teams. American Sign Language. Valentine's Day.

Have you ever wondered why the same letter can make different sounds? Today, I want to dive into the fascinating world of short and long o vowel sound words. By first familiarizing students with the short vowel sounds, teachers can help them distinguish between words with different vowel sounds and avoid confusion.

Division Long Division. Balloon pop by Chusina. Fortunately, my free decodable long vowel word list make this super easy! All 'Math'. Other specialty. Your students will love trying this in front of a mirror! ELA test prep. Place value. For All Subjects. Easel Activities.

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