lledo model cars

Lledo model cars

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Welcome to our Collectors Website for presentation of Lledo die cast models. It is general guide for Lledo Models fans and collectors and also contains a listing of many models and catalogues. We pay attention to introducing the collection of buses and coaches from the bygone days of road transport. We do not produce any models and we are not-for-profit website. Our website is here to help you with collecting of Lledo models.

Lledo model cars

There are quite a lot of variations to the body, baseplate, roof, wheels and tyres to Lledo models, more details have been added to the website, we hope this additional information helps. We have amalgamated our models for ease of use. Previously DG, Esso appeared as eight individual items, they were all different in some way, we now have them altogether under one item listing with a drop down menu. In the DG06 range we have taken the same referencing for the model body, baseplate and roof from the very informative guide provided by Mr M. Allenden which is shown below as a pdf document and should open in a new tab. These options will have some kind of variation maybe a radiator type, reversed baseplate, a colour variation, tampo print to one side only, different style wheels or hubs, the list really does go on. These discount vouchers change on a regular basis so do keep referring to this section for the latest news. The models in the Lledo Clearance Items page are also included within this offer. We try to keep you as up to date as possible so please keep checking the website for our latest news which will be announced on the new stock page. We check the website on a weekly basis but we are not infallible, models may slip through the net and appear on the site when they have in fact been sold, Naturally we refund the cost plus a proportionate amount of the postage value. We apologise in advance if this should occur. We are still currently working on recently purchased models, the New Stock page keeps you informed of our progress. Why not view our sale items, simply use this link to view models available at reduced prices. This category is still in its infancy and more items will be added on a daily basis. As a reminder any item purchased from the Lledo Memorabilia page offers free postage to UK buyers.

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Lledo was a British manufacturing company founded in by Matchbox co-founder Jack Odell , and Burt Russell, [1] and based in Enfield. The factory produced mainly die-cast scale model commercial vehicles , and also cars , from to , when the company went into bankruptcy. Models were later made in China. Lledo set out to specialise in replicating early Matchbox series styles, particularly the Models of Yesteryear range. Odell and Russell bought machinery from the Universal company, which had purchased the Matchbox plant and shipped it to Macau. The tooling they purchased was re-shipped back to Enfield, England where in April the new "Days Gone" range was launched.

But are these models worth it? Are these worth collecting? If yes, which among these are worth collecting? Plus, how much would these models cost? Lledo cars, especially the Lledo Chevrolet Panel Van, are worth collecting. However, because of their strategy to make many variations on just a few basic models, their models became unpopular with collectors. Thus, the majority of their models are not worth collecting. We will start with their first appearance, successful model series, and success in finding a market gap. However, you will also see that their strategy, which led to a lot of variations, made collecting their models unpopular to collectors. Lledo first appeared in

Lledo model cars

The company name was Odell's surname spelled backwards. The brand is now a sub-brand of Corgi. After Matchbox got into financial trouble, Odell came out or retirement, bought some of the older mouldings, and started his own company, LLedo, selling a range of nostalgic-looking pre-war styled toy vehicles reminiscent of the Matchbox "Models of Yesteryear" Series, but called " Days Gone ". Since these were mostly commercial vans, Lledo's initial business model was to maximise flexibility and return on investment by producing only a very limited number of basic designs, but to then expand this into a huge range by using different liveries and logos. Lledo became experts in producing limited-run promotional diecast vehicles — if a company wanted a batch of toy vehicles produced in their company's colours showing the company logo, Lledo could offer a range of basic vehicle types, and then finish them to the customer's specifications. At this point Lledo probably seemed like a niche "promotional" diecast toy company, but they kept expanding the range year after year until it contained 75 models, just like Odell's previous "Matchbox " range. While many classic diecast toys aimed at children became highly collectable, the Days Gone range, aimed at adult collectors, paradoxically didn't.

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Like many Lledo models, the Alpine came with rear view mirrors separate that could then be fixed to the car. Alpha Tauri. Models by country. Matra Simca. Brawn Gp. Brumm Prom. Page updated. Later, the Volkswagen Transporter van was included in many different liveries — for example in bright yellow with the Bosch Auto Electrical logo. Our website is here to help you with collecting of Lledo models. The Model T, especially, became the basis for a series of limited edition models for gifts and promotions. Wits Ebbro. Rear view mirror and accurate windscreen wipers were also offered.

Lledo was a British manufacturing company founded in by Matchbox co-founder Jack Odell , and Burt Russell, [1] and based in Enfield.

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