leon x reader

Leon x reader

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Originally posted by halfwayriight. Request: Hi there!! I saw you were open for Resident Evil requests, and I was wondering if I could request some angry headcanons of Leon being protective of an injured reader maybe? Sure my lovely! I do not own Resident Evil or its characters, all rights go to creators.

Leon x reader

If you have been struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, you are NOT alone! Here is a link for tumblr support for some helpful information, depending in what country you are! Seek help, you are loved, you are strong, you are wanted! The first thing Leon notices when he wakes up is that he is cold. He groans, throwing the blanket on the floor. It had to be Chris. Or Claire wondering if he is alive. He sits up, his hand rubbing his face as a way to make the headache less. The third thing Leon notices is his hand resting in the empty space of the bed. Your empty space on the bed. He raises his hand as if Leon contaminated the area, the last pieces he had of you. Leon glimpses under your pillow a very familiar black shirt.

See this in the app Show more. Thank you so much!! He moved to stand and you grabbed his shoulder.

Originally posted by bloodreign-ravana. You wished you had been looking where you had been going. On your way down, not only did you smack your head into the wall - giving yourself a nosebleed - and crack your phone screen, but you landed on your ankle at an awkward angle. For a moment, you lay in a pathetic heap at the bottom of the stairwell - stunned by the whole experience. Even from there, you could practically hear the teasing grin on his face as he added.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Log In. Remember Me. Amidst all the challenges, you unexpectedly reunite with your long-lost love. Chapter 4-? Chapter 5-?

Leon x reader

Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Leon Kennedy x Male! Reader One Sh Pokemon werent really your thing.

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Gif credit goes suuho. He feels sick, his stomach is twisting. There will be a lot of swearing and lemon stuff so if ya don't like that stay clear of this story! He raised his eyebrows, pushing a strand of hair out of your face. Sure my lovely! Precisely as he wanted. The threat of a new virus has begun, bringing yet another world full of chaos and destruction. My condolences. The Leon Kennedy she once knew, was gone. The next morning while picking up Ashley, everythi

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Perhaps something else—? She feels tears form in the corner of her eyes, and her lips shake, but she holds them back. Tussling in the sheets, sunrise heat at his back. He feels someone pull his sleeve up, a pinching sensation, and Leon falls into darkness. Leon S. The part you hated the most was the fact that you got reminded of that one fateful day all the time. A great officer - you kept up with Leon on missions easily, but you had a tendency to misjudge. Top of Work Index. It was impossible. Leon had big dark bags under his eyes, not as strong as he once was. The last thing he remembers is kicking the chair away, the air escaping slowly from his lungs. I accept requests! You're tasked by your new director to be the communications agent for Leon S.

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