kyoka mha

Kyoka mha

High Schooltraining to become a Pro Hero. Kyoka is a petite, fair-skinned girl with a slender build. She has triangular onyx eyes with notably long lower eyelashes and small eyebrows, kyoka mha.

If you can help us with this wiki please sign up and help us! She serves as the deuteragonist of the U. School Festival story arc. Kyoka is a student at the prestigious U. High School training to become a Professional Hero.

Kyoka mha

Kyoka Jiro, otherwise known as Earphone Jack, is a student at U. High School. While not a prominent character in the My Hero Academia series, Kyoka is an energetic and strategic individual who prefers to use strategic methods when it comes to fighting opponents. Her quirk is that she has a pair of headphone jacks that hang connected to her earlobes. Kyoka is able to stick the headphones on various surfaces to listen to vibrations and detect or listen in on enemies from a distance. She is also able to use them by plugging them into special sound amplifiers to release powerful vibration attacks. Coming from a family of musicians, it only makes sense that Kyoka has a quirk that has something to do with sound. Her interest in rock music is shown during the series when she shows her room that looks like a music studio. Initially embarrassed to have music as an interest, she gradually changed her mind when she saw how her peers were surprised and in awe of her talents. Kyoka often likes to poke fun at fellow peers such as Denki Kaminari, who is usually oblivious to her sarcasm and side comments. Even though she may come across as uninterested in certain things, deep inside she is a sensitive person and cares deeply for her friends and is humble when her talents are mentioned or recognized.

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In between all the hard-hitting Quirk-based action fights and superheroics, My Hero Academia takes time to fully flesh out what kind of people its main cast actually are. Izuku Midoriya, for example, is an idealistic and self-sacrificing boy who's set to become the next Symbol of Peace, while his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo took his tsundere ways to a negative extreme and finally apologized for it in Season 6. Bakugo finally faced himself as a tsundere and had an Endeavor-style redemption , but one of his classmates had him beat the whole time. Kyoka Jiro, the punk rocker hero calling herself Earphone Jack, has always been a lovable tsundere with lots of fans -- and she represents a much more sympathetic and better-balanced approach to this popular anime archetype. Background students like her are mostly defined by a few quirky traits and hobbies, such as Rikido Sato's baking and Mina Ashido's graceful dance moves, and it worked wonders for Jiro too. She has a well-balanced and properly flawed personality, which gave her room to grow and improve while not being totally unlikable at any point.

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Kyoka mha

Kyoka Jiro was born to Kyotoku and Mika Jiro , a couple of a composer and a musician. She inherited her mother's Quirk , Earphone Jack. At a young age, thanks to the influence of her parents, Kyoka developed an interest in music, eventually learning to play several instruments.

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Battle Without A Quirk. Kyoka also later learns how to plug her headphones into the ground to create sonic waves, causing the ground to quake and give away. Her most prominent features are the flexible, plug-like earphone jacks hanging from each of her earlobes; they act like extra limbs that she is able to control at will, and change their length if so desired. Heroes Wiki. View history Talk 0. Footfall of Destruction. High School. The Bonds of One For All. Game Start. Zionwilliamson Wikification. They amplify her heartbeat and can direct the vibrations in a certain direction. School Festival!

Earphone Jack grants its users long, controllable earlobes that work like headphone cables. Kyoka's earlobes are shaped like jacks at their ends, allowing her to plug them into a variety of objects. Those earlobes can further channel the vibrations of Kyoka's own heartbeats, dealing internal damage to said objects.

Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi. Kyoka Jiro, otherwise known as Earphone Jack, is a student at U. Tenko Shimura: Origin, Part 2. Explore Wikis Community Central. All For One. Shield and Shield, Spear and Shield. She can create sound waves that she can direct towards a target using the equipment on her forearms and she can also create sound waves that act as a restriction, stopping the movement of her enemies. Dabi, Hawks, Endeavor. After this, Kyoka completely overcame this mentality and proved herself to be a great singer. Festival All Day Long!! Tomura Shigaraki. More of a Hero than Anyone. Kyoka is a petite, fair-skinned girl with a slender build. I Wanna Be with You Guys!! Hero Killer Arc

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