kommando band

Kommando band

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Sebastian R. Komor born 7 May is a Polish-born, Norwegian-raised electronic musician, best known for his collaborative work in Icon of Coil and Zombie Girl. A prolific artist, Komor has also released electronic music under a variety of solo projects and aliases since the late s. Sebastian Komor was born in Zabrze, Poland, in and moved to Norway in , where he would remain for over twenty years. Komor recorded and toured under various band names during that time, starting with Melt and continuing with Area51, Sector9 which he also used as a remixer alias [4] , and Moonitor. Fellow Fredrikstad musician Andy LaPlegua played keyboards for early Sector9 and Melt shows, and it was this collaboration that led to the formation of Icon of Coil in , [3] with the roles reversed — LaPlegua as primary creative member and Komor came in as a full member during the production of the first single "Shallow Nation".

Kommando band

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Kommando band

The quarantine, a period of standstill and stasis was for me a reason for great reflection and I felt the need to look inside myself to see what I had matured in this period of time; correcting mistakes, growing as a person and as an artist comparing myself to a physical container that had accumulated new sounds, emotions, sensations and all those elements that made me become what I am today. A container that in order to be opened needs irreversible action, a break, and what better metaphor than the piggy bank that once broken can no longer be fixed? The content that comes out of the container is the sharing of my music with others and at the same time a journey to discover myself, what I had to say and tell after this time. Five songs including three collaborations that tell my past, present and future story. The characterizing element of this project is my voice. Singing is starting to make its way through my productions. Track that talks about me. It tells what I am and what I have become, my path and evolution. It is a tribute to what brought me here and to what I want to become with a small recall to the current of French House, one of the genres that fascinated me the most when I approached electronic music. A melodic techno song.

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Monday 15 January Similar bands No similar bands added yet. Authority control databases. Volcandra The Way Of Ancients. Frank Krause. Metallica Ride The Lightning 7. Sebastian Komor was born in Zabrze, Poland, in and moved to Norway in , where he would remain for over twenty years. Saturday 6 January Thursday 8 February Thursday 9 November Icon of Coil released their debut single, Shallow Nation , in , at which point Komor became a full-fledged member of the band. Wednesday 24 January They used to be signed with Satanic Skinhead Propaganda.

Competitive Innovations in 10th: Silver Tide pt. Mikey Mouse Club 10 — Pirates and Puppies.

Monday 11 September Tuesday 21 November Wednesday 27 December Saturday 16 December Megadeth Rust In Peace 3. Frank Krause. Sebastian does production work as Xenomorph Productions. Monday 25 September Tuesday 24 October Agalloch The Mantle 9. Fragment Soul Galois Paradox.

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