kijiji live chat

Kijiji live chat

A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile.

Restricted from posting ads but no reason given other than violation of policy. Asked numerous times for details but none given. They are trying to make me pay for something I did not order or receive. Plus they were taking unauthorized withdrawals out of my bank account. I wanted to cancel a third eye cuz I didn't realize I had to pay for it and felt like I was doing circles on their website and never was able to contact anyone in person and tried to cancel on their website to no avail, I feel like they just wanted to take your money and suck it up if you will we got your money now.

Kijiji live chat

Download x Outstanding Balance. This is the balance of your account that is past due. Note: any payments made within 72 hours of the invoice date may not be reflected in the outstanding balance. I consent to receiving communications from Kijiji. Skip to content. Help Desk Our Help Desk is where you can learn about how to use Kijiji, find information on our policies, read through our safety guides or contact our Customer Service team. Understanding your Kijiji bill Having trouble understanding your bill? This is the company name and mailing address. If information is incorrect, please contact your Account Manager or Kijiji Billing at or kijijibilling kijiji. Kijiji Canada Ltd. Amounts above may be pro-rated in accordance with the terms and conditions of the governing Insertion Order. Any Payments made within the past 72 hours may not be reflected on this invoice. This section describes the various payment method options available to you.

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Kijiji live chat

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Feels Disappointed Feb 06, This is the company name and mailing address. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. I ended up selling my vehicle elsewhere I will not be using kijiji anymore this is unacceptable have a good day. I am the author of review and would like to remove it. Its damn near impossible to get a hold of anyone. Tatayana Swl. Most users ask Kijiji for the refund as a solution to their issues. Cambelle Poz. Barb S Fzm Niverville, Manitoba. May I know why? Updated by user Feb 18,

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Customer service is absolutely terrible! Jerett B Dnk. Rating stats. If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. Customer Reference. Consumers are not pleased with Customer service and Turnaround Time. Aug 11, Sam Azf. I was with Kijiji Canada for almost 10 years. Feels Disappointed Jan 04, They sent me an email telling me the reason they moved my add from Jobs category to beauty and health was that only employers use Jobs category and I should be under health and beauty.

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